The Prize

The Asian Literary Prize

A defining feature of our literary initiative, The Silk Route Prize for Literature will be proffered every four years for works of fiction exclusively. This prize involves the bequeathment of a monetary award to the selected awardee, but it does not end there: he/she would also be offered media coverage in over 100 international outlets, and a book signing and launch in Sri Lanka – all to be topped off with a translation contract of the book. 

Quite contrary to the meaning lent by its title, the Silk Route Prize for Literature is not limited to Asian authors alone or any work submitted from within the confines of the continent – instead, it will be awarded to those deserving of it based on artistic merit alone, irrespective of which location the story is set in or which country it hails from. 

With regard to the selection process, a list of the best works of fiction will be chosen every year and then will undergo a process of further distillation. Only one book will be selected from the ensuing shortlisted entries for the final prize, but all shortlisted entries will be given ample publicity from our platform. 

In order to qualify for this global prize, it is required that the authors obtain an unbiased book review from The Asian Review which would be subsequently saved in the website for the dual purpose of reference of others and the promotion of the author’s works through our platform. 

The Reviewer of the Year

The Reviewer of the Year award will be annually offered to those contributing to The Asian Review through the compilation of professional book reviews, and in a similar vein to that of the Silk Route prize, the former will be awarded to the selected reviewer irrespective of the country he/she is from. The sole eligibility criteria to be met for the prize is the publication of a minimum of four reviews on our website every quarter.

All work submitted to the awards will be reviewed by an expert panel representing different countries, and will not limited to those from the Asian continent. In addition to this, the selected panelists will change every year in order to ensure complete impartiality in the selection process.