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The Blue Jinx by Nisha B Thakur – An Indian Murder Mystery for Early Readers

The Blue Jinx is Nisha’s debut crime fiction, a story that rolls between undemanding romance and watery murder mystery. The novel was published in 2015, can be considered the author wasn’t familiar with the genre’s intriguing strict framework. Learning the ways and tricks, when she published The Unexpected Trail in 2022, it proved to be a better than this, and was received confidently by readers.

Chandratal by Puneet Pundir – A Totally Unputdownable Crime Thriller and Mystery Novel

Chandratal by Puneet Pundir is a Totally Unputdownable Crime Thriller Mystery Novel. It follows the story of one remote hidden lake and stone statue that seems to hold amazing powers that can heal anyone in a fraction of seconds. However, two guys strives to uncover for their own reasons. It is an amazing thriller novel with a lot of subplots that turn any side anytime, making it highly unpredictable.