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Agent Sharp: The Most Mind-Blowing and Twisted Sci-fi Thriller of the Year

This book belongs to science fiction genre with a suspense & thriller fantasy tale kind of touch to it. The title itself suggests a bundle of action and adventure likely to take place in a clandestine mission. Contrasting the contemporiness, the plot of the novel eventually carries us to another galaxy, world, and planet. The novel is sci-fi and it has to be placed in future…and it indeed is…planet Roeayt…year 20,018.

Samudran by A R Vikram – Highly Readable Debut

Samudran by A R Vikram is a fantastic read. It’s way more than a thriller and romance, it has got its own fusion of genre. The novel is set in future on a remote island: Maisyoor. The novel explores a gamut of interesting themes that keep characters conflict of interests and aspirations vibrant. The novel is titular featuring Samudran in the lead role. The narrative takes readers to the journey of this young man who works as a photographer in a far-off island with Tamil influence.

The Blue Jinx by Nisha B Thakur – An Indian Murder Mystery for Early Readers

The Blue Jinx is Nisha’s debut crime fiction, a story that rolls between undemanding romance and watery murder mystery. The novel was published in 2015, can be considered the author wasn’t familiar with the genre’s intriguing strict framework. Learning the ways and tricks, when she published The Unexpected Trail in 2022, it proved to be a better than this, and was received confidently by readers.