Inspired by the silk route

Our Vision

It is assumed that there is worldwide consensus when one says: a good book fosters discussion – be it with oneself or others. As such, it is this virtual room for discussion that the Asian Review envisions. Unbridled opinionating and the promotion of the literary arts – unencumbered by any form of discrimination – is the end goal.We do not believe in a selective exposition of the ‘word art’ of the very, many, talented artists around the world who have something to say. In fact, it is our mission to bring such value-laden works into the limelight solely on the basis of their artistic merit, rather than on any societal strata – be it nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Our Mission

In concordance with our vision, our mission to showcase the works of a vibrant mosaic of independent and traditionally published authors from around the globe, (and we mean ‘globe’ because a good piece of writing is truly capable of a global resonance)  authors in the Asia Pacific region (and beyond!) involves the creation and promotion of various knowledge gateways. Informative articles, book reviews (extensive or simple, whichever pleases your literary palette!), exclusive author interviews and unmissable literary events – will all be meticulously procured for general consumption and engagement by our dynamic editorial team at The Asian Review. Furthermore, golden opportunities for exposure and progress also await up-and-coming authors in the form of prizes that will be doled out on an annual and bi-annual basis through our website – furthering our goal of unearthing hidden literary gems in the four corners of our blue planet.

Our Team

‘PLAN’ is crystallised into ‘ACTION’ at the Asian Review through a dynamic and devoted editorial team. Comprising independent reviewers from more than 50 territories around the world, our editorial team is committed to offering unbiased, thought-provoking professional reviews adorned in an array of various styles, and each features the discussion of a myriad topics critically conducive to the contemporary world. Each review is meticulously crafted by every reviewer on our team and is imbued with the unique experiences and passion for literature that have themselves shaped the diverse careers of our reviewers across the world – from countries within the regions of South Asia, to Africa and also within Western and Eastern Europe.