Month: April 2022

France beyond France

The French Election has become much more important than just another European Election. The very reason is one outcome in particular could have earth shattering impacts  beyond the shores of continental Europe.  If incumbent President Emmanuel Macron wins […]

Africa has contributed immensely to the development of global literature- Folu Agoi

Folu Agoi, President of the Nigerian Centre of PEN International (aka PEN Nigeria), erstwhile Chairman of Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Lagos Branch (March 13, 2004 – October 13, 2007), winner of BBC Poetry Competition (2001) and several other awards – including Prof Wole Soyinka Award for Literature (2007), Mother Drum Golden Award for Excellence (2012), The Tutuola Palm for Poetry award (by The Delta Book Club; July 23, 2019), and SWANA 2020 Poetry Competition (Nov 7, 2020; SWANA…

I started writing in my school notebooks when I was eleven- Stanley Gazamba

Stanley Gazemba’s novel, ‘The Stone Hills of Maragoli’, published in the USA as ‘Forbidden Fruit’ (The Mantle, NY) won the Jomo Kenyatta prize for Kenyan Literature in 2003. He is also the author of ‘Khama’ (shortlisted for the Wilbur and Niso Smith Adventure Writing Prize, also published by The Mantle), ‘Ghettoboy’ (shortlisted for the Kwani? Manuscript Prize) and ‘Callused Hands’. His collection of short stories, ‘Dog Meat Samosa’ was recently published by Regal House Publishing of Raleigh, USA. His novel, ‘Footprints in the Sand’ will be published in Sweden in 2022.

I want my stories to go beyond Kenya- Cynthia Abdallah

Cynthia Abdallah is a Kenyan-born writer, poet and educator. She is the author of My Six Little Fears (poetry) and The Musunzu Tree (short stories) and The Author’s Feet (poetry). She currently lives and works in Venezuela, South America, where she teaches Language and Literature. Her work has appeared in numerous online magazines and in print. These include The Tokyo Poetry Journal (Japan), Kwani? Uchaguzi Edition(Kenya), Ake Review (Nigeria), Quailbell Magazine (USA), Kalahari Review (Kenya), Nalubaale Review(Uganda), Active Muse (India) and the Bodies and Scars anthology by Ghana Literary Journal.