United International Support of Ukraine?Myth or Reality? Are there lies?

Initially published on 08 Apr 2022.

Calling salt sugar does not make it sweeter. In fact, it distorts both terms.

Why one would call something by another name – intentionally different?

Fact 1.  Ukraine is struggling and bleeding with the monstrous aggressor whose name is the Russian Federation for already one month at the moment of writing this paper. Monstrous based on the scale and amount of human suffering the Russian Federation inflicted on Ukraine, Ukrainians, and on their own Russian military.

Fact 2. Russia is threat number one according to the current official NATO and US opinion. In other words, the Russian Federation is the common (no, single), most significant and closest threat (at least due to its current actions in terms of time and geographical location) to the western world, with well-known history of bloody aggressive action in recent history, first of all on their own citizens, the Stalin repressions (20-40 million) and on others like the Holodomor, and other ethnic cleansing. The most recent examples of Russian external aggression were the annexation of Ukrainian territory in 2014, the war in Georgia in 2008, military suppression of former Warsaw pact countries in 1968 in former Czechoslovakia or in 1956 in Hungary and others which, ultimately, had no results except unbelievable human suffering.

Fact 3. Defeating Russia as an aggressive state (not Russian society) or at least weaken the aggressor is the common goal for the western world, and most probably, the world to ensure peaceful coexistence of all.

Fact 4. Ukraine and Ukrainians the only country and nation who has fallen victim so far (in the most recent history and in terms of unbelievable destruction and slaughter). Ukraine and Ukrainians the only country and nation who is courageously defeating (unfortunately, only tactically) the Russian Federation aggression. Ukraine and Ukrainians the only country and nation who are losing hundreds and thousands of its brave military and civilians daily. Ukraine and Ukrainians the only country and nation who are being killed and wounded by the destruction of hundreds of buildings daily. There might be added some more.

Now comes the simple question. What do western leaders, politicians, and the relevant public servants mean when they say military aid or military support? The timings, scale, amount of financial and military ….. it is difficult to find appropriate word……let it be transfers as it cannot be named neither support, nor assistance, nor paying partners portion for the united efforts to contain common threat proclaimed officially as number one, which the western world failed to address during the past 30 years.

Fact 5. Western leaders and all kinds of governmental clerks continue to repeat openly and publicly their oath to the aggressor, to the other increasingly less peaceful states, and to the whole world that the western countries would not intervene to avoid direct confrontation with the aggressor no matter what or the extent of Russian crimes in Ukraine against dozens of millions of Ukrainians (killed, wounded, displaced, robbed, raped, etc.). It would be funny, if it were not for the ocean of human blood and suffering, to observe how some countries sent UAV equipped with anti-tank missiles, and others would continuously repeat that sending helmets might make Russia angry. This is just one example and there are many others!

Having in mind all the above mentioned points, that all speeches are public, they are pronounced and repeated at the same time to the same public openly and public, two questions arise: What kind of personalities should those politicians and government officials be to behave as Hans Christian Andersen’s naked emperor? and What is their real perception and attitude to the people they talk to?

Fact 6.The US spending alone in the infamous operation in Afghanistan 2002-2020 is over 2,000 billion (2 trillion) US dollars not to mention the common NATO spending for this war[i]. It means that the US alone spent roughly 110 billion per year to oppose the20 million nation (as of 2000) with no other weapon than just light weapons. There was no air power to fight. There was not navy to oppose. There was no advanced rocket-propelled artillery. There was not even heavy artillery. There were no advance ballistic missiles. And there were no advanced cruise missiles to struggle with. The list goes on.

Fact 7. Ukraine is protecting its own territory fighting with an aggressor alone without coalition forces. The aggressor is a 140 million nation, the second largest Armed Forces[ii] in the world with 1,350,000 military personal (active, reserve and paramilitary), with a total of 4173 aircraft, with dozens of thousands of tanks and armored vehicles, with one of the largest nuclear arsenals, with advanced cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons….Let me stop here.

Again, there is a simple question: does the current spending of the western partners match the military challenge, military outcomes, the scale of the threat, all kinds of losses the involved parties carried in terms of human life, suffering and infrastructure?

Is it possible to pretend that the 7-8 billion dollar transfer of military aid to Ukraine, which has been made by the west all together since the second Russian invasion (24 February 2022), which oppose the common threat, can be called support,  assistance, or a partner’s share of the cost?

Why the proportion between economic and military transfers to Ukraine opposing Russian aggression is 10-20-30 times less (depending on the particular western country) than spending on the Afghanistan campaign?

What is less valuable, or what is less important, or better still which is less responsible? Is it a fair comparison, the military operation vs appropriate spending? If yes, what is the strategic idea for such mismatch? Lack of words….to provide possible options. Again, the list of questions can be continued.

Then there is another simple question. Why do western politicians and news agencies continue to pronounce loudly “unprecedented” “international” “support” “help” or “assistance”. Is it correct to say that every single word is a lie? Why does no one say that unfortunately it is not as united as necessary? Why does no one say that what western countries are doing so far cannot be called assistance or help as it is more a SIMULATION OF ASSISTANCE and help. Especially, if we remember the US and NATO spending in Afghanistan vs the outcomes of the operation! Especially, if we recall that no western soldier has died protecting the free world against the biggest aggressor – only heroic Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

Then, there is another set of questions. What is the goal or idea of those western politicians, governmental officials, and news agencies, who continue to name openly and publicise western financial and military spending as help or assistance instead of some transfers? What might be the very essence of those people and their values? What might be their motives to do so? What might be the consequences of the public ignorance or lack of consciousness?

When spending time to find answers, please, keep in mind the daily request of Ukrainians to the free world to close the skies over Ukraine and the daily refusal by the absolute majority of the western countries to do anything, even their traditional simulation of efforts, except of course proclamations “We stand with Ukraine. Period.”

Fact 8. Critical point for understanding otherwise we are going to repeat the loss of lives. It might be profitable for some but it is clearly the way to nowhere for the prevailing majority.

It is also critical as this point is actively used by Russian propaganda and not only. Those who are brave enough to read until the end of this point – my promise! – you will see the clear delineation between the critical point and what is the dream of Russian propaganda.

The western world has profoundly failed to contain the rise of Russian aggression. Moreover, the Russian Federation has developed its Armed Forces, enlarged its technological basis to surpass the western world in some aspects (for example, hypersonic weapons and propaganda), accumulate significant financial reserves (approximately 650 billion US dollars at the beginning of its second invasion into Ukraine on the 24th February 2022).

Could it be deemed a total failure of the western governments, its politicians, its news agencies (who failed to notice the rise for 30 years), other officials and professionals related to international affairs (who failed to raise their concerns)? Sure, many would answer that they tried … it seems fair to let them explain to those who are killed and their living relatives. Total lack of personal responsibility and public accountability might be one of the root causes!

Look! A driver will face administrative and/or criminal charges and/or financial fines should he harm a person due to his/her negligence or mistake. A doctor, a teacher, a pilot, a policeman – all would face the same in case of a mistake, which led to harm of an individual. All, but not politicians, not governmental officials and employees of governmental or international peace organizations! The funny thing is that it is an international and historic trend! It might be called a total lack of public accountability, which born out of a total lack of the personal responsibility of the politicians and other public servants.

Or it might be the total success of all kinds of western officials if the plan was to allow the monster to grow.

Now come  other two important questions: is it the right time to raise this concern? One of the answers might be – it should have been raised yesterday, if not significantly earlier. The good news is that a delay is possible. The bad news, which is well known, is that payment is made only, and only by human suffering.

Another question is the continuation of the above mentioned. Do you think the 20 years of the Afghanistan campaign of 2,000 billion USD just for US (NATO countries costs are not included) with only negative outcomes for all involved and the rise of aggressive Russia with the massacre in Ukraine do not have anything in common? The more curious among you could produce a longer lists of questions, I’m sure.

Is it time to demand (non-violently) change! How much blood should be paid to require this change!

Now is the most significant! Politicians and government officials without personal responsibility are not bad! Strange? It is, I believe, very true! This kind of public servants grew up among the people, brought to power in front of people and by the people. Right? They are continuously officially paid by the people. They regularly make speeches, get promoted, share the invaluable analyses at the same time as Afghanistan story was unfolding (20 years), at the same time as aggressive Russia was forming (30 years) ……….. to preserve your attention let me stop here. The truth is that everything was done in front of your eyes – free people of the world, with your silent acceptance, with your ignorant attitude. The root course is not governmental officials. They are just the perfect reflection of the societies who brought them to power. The famous old saying “Every nation deserves its own state leadership” might reflect exactly the above sentiment.

One can live with a roof full of holes for some time, but if one decides to fix the roof – it is most probably before the rainy season or, at least, at the beginning for the most ignorant.

The rainy season has already started people! Ukrainian blood (all nationalities) and Russian blood flows like a mountain stream!

The good news is that the people of the free world can do nothing. Possible. It is a very possible option. The questions are, as usually, simple.  How soon you would regret doing nothing? Will you be happy knowing that due to your ignorance and reluctance to demand (in the most non-violent way) your public servants (whom you brought to power) to be responsible and make them accountable to reflect values central to you (not any others).

There is a universal truth. It is a universal wisdom that any aggression produces only further aggression! Aggression cannot produce anything else! Aggression cannot bring peace anywhere and to anyone, by its definition. You have to act in a non-violent way. The politicians are who they are only because of your long-term previous ignorance. Yes, long-term means it would require some effort and time, that is why it is better to start immediately watching the massacre in Ukraine.

Next, why this point so critical? It’s easy. It is the weakness!, which is most frequently used by Russia (and not only) to divide and weaken the free world. Aggressive Russian leadership is monstrous and inhuman as we can see watching the ongoing massacre in Ukraine, but it is very rational and clever. What would you receive if you multiply inhumanity by intelligence? Yes, whatever you pronounce, it is seriously dangerous. There are no doubts that they will use every weakness, including their favorite, the western weakness, unprofessional, unaccountable public servants of all kinds starting from the very top.

Now, it is time to return to the promise to delineate the critical point and propaganda.

We can divide the possible options into three major categories.

  1. The Russian (not only) Dream. Nothing is changed and people remain ignorant. The enemies of the western world would enjoy facing western governmental officials, whom they know from Afghanistan, the Russian invasion into Georgia, the first Russian invasion into Ukraine (2014), and the current war against Ukraine.
  2. Russian (not only) PRIORITY Dream. That is the point to recognize propaganda!!! People demand personal responsibility and public accountability from their respective governmental officials using force or any kind of aggression. It will produce only increased aggression and, as the result, it will weaken the free world dramatically!
  3. People demand their governments represent written values, people`s values in NON-VIOLENT demand. If it is a successful and sustainable change/transformation, it will allow all including currently aggressive states. Professionals who are sincerely, willingly, and responsibly serve their nations will make the western powers stronger and, ultimately reduce the violence for all.

The choice is giving to people. It is up to them to choose, as they will carry responsibility for the selected choice regardless whether it was their choice or someone else’s made due to the ignorance and reluctance of the masses. Your future will be the perfect reflection of your choice made today! While making your choice continue to watch the massacre in Ukraine. You are just watching so far. It means the perfect reflection is being formed!

The only way aggression, whatever it is called, can be constrained and eliminated is to eliminate individual everyday ignorance and reluctance. People`s individual consciousness should answer the very internal and basic questions who am I? and what are my values? Not the values which are written somewhere. Not the values which are proclaimed by someone. Each and all or at least the majority need to be woken and clearly understand their personal, very internal response to what are my personal values? and what is my non-violent way to make my values part of the existing world.

Until now, the prevailing majority of the free world is sleeping. The western world failing government officials are not the root cause of the growing aggression and human suffering. What is going to be next – you know! THE ROOT COURSE IS THE TOTAL IGNORANCE AND RELUCTANCE TOWARDS SOMEONE ELSE’S SUFFERING, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, LITERALLY, TOWARDS EVERYTHING.

Conclusion or concluding set of questions.

Is it time to notify the western politicians and governmental officials that they behave and act as it is described in “The Emperor’s New Clothes? Should we continue to praise their clothes? Could they implement the very core of what is called western values and people? Is it just their responsibility? What are at the stakes? What are our responsibility and accountability to preserve our hopes, believes and values? Should we rely on a miracle, preserving our total ignorance and reluctance?

Kostiantyn Tkachuk


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[i] Afghanistan: What has the conflict cost the US and its allies? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-47391821

[ii] 2022 Russia Military Strength, https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.php?country_id=russia

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