Humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine?! The 42nd day of the Russian aggression.

(Initially published on 13 Apr 2022)

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Pretending to be unaware does not help court nor while telling the story to loved ones.

Before we come to the main question, let me draw your attention to one aspect of the human tragedy, which is unfolding at the time of writing this paper. Just one aspect, which will allow you to see everything as it is in reality rather than the proclaimed official version – the failure to evacuate the civilian population from Mariupol and other smaller Ukrainian cities.

Let us put to one side everything that is being done by the Ukrainian side (as the people and the majority of Ukraine officials are doing their best within their knowledge and capabilities). Let us also forget for the moment everything being done by the Russia side as the monstrous aggressor is doing what it came to do.

Let us consider the famous statement, “People of Ukraine – we stand with you. Period.”. Now let us consider what top European public servants and other related professionals, who ran to ask the aggressor to guarantee safe corridors for the evacuation of the civilian population, and then were …. trying to perform surprise as their efforts did not safe lives and did not prevent a civilian population tragedy.

The question is simple. Have you (western professionals of all kinds starting from the very top) been caught by surprise that the humanitarian catastrophe happened? Or was going to happen? Is it something new? Is it really important for you how many lives will be lost?

If some tragic cases happened accidentally, or due to close proximity to the combat line, what have you done to prevent other catastrophes in other cities? Have you already started civilian evacuation from other Ukrainian cities to prevent another tragedy? What is a more appropriate term in this case, professionals or pseudoprofessionals, humanity or pseudohumanity?

Let us ask the question regarding the real meaning of the term security guarantees if those guaranties are given to a state. Does it mean security guarantees to the people, citizens of this state?

Let us put aside all the rhetoric. Let us look at the facts of what is going on the 42nd day after the second Russian invasion. In terms of the evacuation of the civilian population, the US and the United Kingdom have done very close to absolutely nothing relative to their obligations, promises, and claimed values!  They are the two main security guarantors for Ukraine according to the Budapest memorandum[i] (full text from the original source or pdf). Please check how many people were evacuated to the US and the UK so far? Please check, what were the requirements and conditions for the evacuation? Disregard all words as they worth nothing. It is simple. How many people were evacuated to the US or the UK since 24 February 2022? It will be the only answer required to demonstrate the REAL security guaranties given to the nation!

Do you still claim that you lead the people of the free world?

Americans and British people I hope you understand that your governments, your public servants of all levels are not separate entities – they represent the will of their people. Right? Americans and British people how you are going to carry out the responsibility to be the only two main security guarantors according to the Budapest memorandum? Are you going to stand up and tell that it was all a joke and you have no obligation? Or are you going to demand from your respective public servants to behave responsibly and humanly? Is it just security guarantees for you or it is something more based on the values you claim are yours? The amount of blood and human suffering has already exceeded all imaginable thresholds! What are you going to say to your kids, if anything?

NATO countries, the Russian leadership proclaimed that their aggression is a direct response to the expansion of NATO. We are not discussing here whether it is good or bad. That is for later, when the civilian population is safe, when Ukrainian kids, women, and elderly people are safe. Do you feel any responsibility to evacuate the Ukrainian civilian population?

The question is not for all NATO countries, but for the absolute majority. Polish, Slovak, Baltic states are unbelievably supportive and have already supported the evacuation of about 3 million Ukrainian women, children and elderly people! Their values, responsibility, and readiness to save lives are clear and need no words to explain them!!!

For the rest of the European and NATO countries, have you seen the map of Europe in terms of Ukrainian civil population evacuation? Does it make sense to prepare such map to make it public? Does it make sense for the map to reflect, at least each country`s spendings and number of evacuated people. Is Poland or Slovenia the richest? Or maybe they have more official obligations, for instance, than the US or the UK, or France, or Italy? Is it united Europe? Is it Europe untied by common values? What does the current state of the evacuation of the Ukrainian civilian population reflect?

Europeans, do you feel your proclaimed values give you the right to avoid the evacuation of civilians from Ukraine? The question is for NATO countries and European people as majority of your public servants do close to nothing for the civilian population limiting their efforts to the traditional simulations of efforts.

About 75% of Ukrainians are women, children and elderly people – about 30 million. Now compare that figure to what has been done in reality. Yes, you are ready to answer yourself, either all previous efforts have been real or just the simulation of being human, professional, responsible – eligible to be a public servant!

Some European and NATO countries officials professionally simulate the efforts for the evacuation of the Ukraine civilian population, expecting the usual pattern – zero accountability, thinking they protect national interest. Really? Isn’t it called devaluation of their proclaimed values? Isn’t it called betrayal of those who proved to be brave and fight the aggression you failed to prevent, which is threatening your nations as well? Isn’t it the proof that all agreements including common security means nothing? Is it all just the protection of the national interests?

How can it be done in front of your eyes, people of the free world? Is it the reflection of your decisions or your values? The civilian population tragedy in Mariupol has already happened as well as in other smaller cities. Will you continue to watch the next tragedies, or it is enough for you to demand from your public servants?

There is another option – lots of blood.  It is the perfect time to make marketing campaigns for pseudo professionals, pseudo public servants and other pseudo great personalities. The outcome for all and anybody is zero, but who cares …. now, they can officially say that they tried. The same, it is fair to send you to the killed and their living relatives as well as to those who are going to fall victim of your great personalities. It is also fair to ask those pseudo professionals to explain to their own relatives and their kids as well as to the general public what they could do and how they spent their time while tragedy was unfolding in Ukraine for 30-40 days of WWII-style Russian war against Ukraine (and before when the aggression was building up).

The question is simple again. Where are all the western professionals of all kinds to raise and alarm the public and public servants?

Are there similarities if one compares the statement People of Afghanistan, we stand with you. Period? Who cares? Who cares how many lives lost? Who remembers those who fall victims? Who are continuously tracing lives of those who are left for the tyrants? Can they change who they are (long-term public subsidiaries pseudo professionals of all kinds)?

People, that is the Perfect Dream for a Tyrant!

Again, can you change (non-violently) those who represent you, people of the free world? Is it your vision, your values they implement? Let me stop here. Politicians and pseudo professionals are not bad. They always were who they are. It is your ignorance and reluctance, people of the free world?

There is a universal truth that any aggression produces only further aggression! Aggression cannot produce anything else! Aggression cannot bring peace anywhere and to anyone, by its definition. You have to act in a non-violent way. Politicians are who they are only because of your long-term previous ignorance. Yes, long-term means it would have required effort and time, that is why it is better to start immediately watching the massacre in Ukraine.

The only way aggression, whatever it is called, can be constrained, and eliminated is to eliminate individual everyday ignorance and reluctance. People`s individual consciousness should answer the very internal and basic questions who am I? and what are my values? Not the values which are written somewhere. Not the values which are proclaimed by someone. Each and all or at least the majority need to be awakened and clearly understand their personal, very internal response to what your personal values are and what is your non-violent way to make your values part of the existing world.

Until now, the prevailing majority of the free world has been sleeping. The western world’s failing government officials are not the root cause of the growing aggression and human suffering. What is going to be next – you know! THE ROOT COURSE IS THE TOTAL IGNORANCE AND RELUCTANCE TOWARDS SOMEONE ELSE’S SUFFERING, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY – LITERALLY, TOWARDS EVERYTHING.

The other questions might be: does the reality reflect the value or the western public servants` professionalism? Should we expect professionalism and humanity from the pseudo professional leadership and other public servants if they reflect the zero personal responsibility and public accountability towards their voters who brought them to power?

This is a vitally critical questions as they are the only guarantee that the rest of the free world will not fall victim of the rising aggression! You have no other criteria to measure your chances in the future. You have just your consciousness to ensure that your public servants are real professionals with the personal responsibility and public accountability.

It is vitally important to say that the long-term public ignorance cannot be reverted immediately according to the laws of the Universe. It will take some time and effort from you, people of the free world, to raise your consciousness and transform your public servants into personally responsible and publicly accountable great personalities. The time to act was yesterday! You have already missed the moment and that is why the blood is already streaming in great amounts.

What does it mean to have values?

There is a lot of rhetoric about how we cannot afford do this or that as it will be too costly for us. Is it strange talking about values people claim to have and a cost?. If there is a cost, then question is simple.

What is the cost you cannot afford when it comes to family values? What is the cost you cannot afford when it comes to human values? What is the cost you cannot afford when it comes to your loved ones?

The direct question is “Can you claim something as your value if you cannot afford this value?”. Calling salt sugar does not make it sweeter. In fact, it distorts both terms.

If something is not your value, whatever reason you have for that, is it tremendously wrong to claim otherwise if it has a direct relation (as people trust your claims) to human suffering?

Make your choice, people of the free world as time is running out!

What is human individuality?

Well, one option might be that it is the unique set of decisions a person makes through his life up to the current point. Every and all kinds of decisions this person makes throughout their whole life. There is no small or unimportant decision. Then, the individuality is truly unique as we take hundreds of decisions each day. In this case, individuals can share something in common, but would remain uniquely different. There is no bad or good set of individual decisions as they are personal. Personal responsibility is personal.

Do you like your set of decisions you made so far? Any answer is perfect as it allows you to look back and feel what should be done differently now to slowly change the current set of decisions. Try it!. Think about the mixture (or the set of decisions) you think you would love to be. There is no punishment for that. There is no good or bad. There is no time limitation. Everything is your decision!

Two things are clear. When you observe a rise in aggression, ocean of bloods, these are external signs for you that you might need to go inside to check either you are happy with your unique mixture of choices you made so far. If you see and feel the need to do something differently, go ahead and do. It is up to you to prepare the world for your kids, parents, and yourself.

Kostiantyn Tkachuk

Retired military at Ukraine Armed Forces


WhatsApp: +38098 0074700

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