IT’s A Story by Satish Badgi: Explores the Soul of IT Workforce

IT’s A Story by Satish Badgi is a wonderful novel that takes us to the world of IT people through characters like Vinod, Sameer, Ajay and a few more. The novel is staged against the Indian IT field, and all the stories present in the novel are of IT people, mainly of Indian people. This book reveals the true nature of the IT field otherwise it remains out of reach from the non-IT people. It is a superb novel from all points.

Faraway by Lo Yi Chin, an exploration into the sentiments of a man longing to belong to somewhere….

In Taiwanese writer Lo Yi-Chin’s Faraway, a fictionalized version of the author finds himself stranded in mainland China attempting to bring his comatose father home. Lo’s father had fled decades ago, abandoning his first family to start a new life in Taiwan. After travel between the two countries becomes politically possible, he returns to visit the son he left behind, only to suffer a stroke. The middle-aged protagonist ventures to China, where he embarks on a protracted struggle with the byzantine hospital regulations