Calling All Authors: Get Book Reviews Done through our Professional Team at The Asian Review

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If you are an author (a veteran or just starting to dip your toes into the literary world) and you are in need of unbiased feedback, you have come to the right place. Our editorial team at the Asian Review would be delighted to offer their services to you and professionally review your book. Rest assured that all reviews would be completed with utmost impartiality, with no special consideration proffered to selected areas of the world: all meaningful books from anywhere around the world are welcome. 
Sounds interesting? Please refer to the link below for more information on how to request for a book review at The Asian Review:

The Traditional Route: Post/Courier a paper back copy of your book to the address of The Asian Review Office:

The Asian Review16, Vishaka RoadMedagama, 11000,Gampaha,Sri Lanka

The Techie Route: Mail us a pdf version of your book to 

*Regardless of the route you pick, please ensure that the book’s ISBN number, Author Name and Contact Details, Edition and Genre of the story, along with a brief synopsis of the book, are handed in or attached to the copy of the book.

We Promise

*Upon receiving your submission, we will mail you our price quotation based on the number of pages of the book. And upon your confirmation, we will post a review of your book within 45 calendar days. 

*A 100% unbiased review of your literary work will be published in our website along with all social media affiliated to the Asian Review.