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“The translation” is wide open window to the world, Koshalee Sirichandra

Sri Lanka’s literary landscape has a very particular space for transalted work. Hundreads of translations are launched in this island nation by its relatively small publishing community which as a number is very insignificant compared with India and Bangladesh. However, as a percentation against the original work published in two main langauges spoken in the island nation, and the little the English writers in Sri Lanka do, translations into Sinhala records the majority. 


Reviewed By: Swapna Peri ThoughtsThis book, Sugarbread by Balli Kaur Jaiswal, is a stunning story of ten-year-old Pin (Parveen), who lives and grows up in Singapore in the early 90s. Hers is […]

Purple Hibiscus

By Swapna Peri The story is about a 15-year-old girl who lives with her brother and family. They are wealthy, and her father is a fanatically religious person. Kambili, the girl with […]