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Six New Books in One Year? A Possible Feat for Danielle Steel

While it may be an arduous process for most writers to complete their literary projects, stick to tight deadlines or even simply find the motivation to write the next chapter sometimes (much less during a pandemic), the widely popular novelist, Danielle Steele, continues to write – full steam ahead.

The now 73-year-old author is well known for the staggering number of bestsellers that line the shelves of many a reader, and to the absolute ecstasy of her fans, has announced that she will be publishing half dozen new hardcover books this year with Delacorte Press – namely:

  1. The Affair (March 2)
  2. Finding Ashley (April 27)
  3. Nine Lives (July 6)
  4. Complications (August 17)
  5. The Butler (October 5)
  6. Flying Angels (November 23)

(Information derived from The Literary Hub; headline and text by Sakshi Selvanathan)

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