Lyrebird – A moving, beautiful story portraying a girl with a unique talent.

By Mru Natu

In the south-west of Ireland, rugged mountains meet bright blue lakes and thick forests. Deep in the woods, a young woman lives alone, forever secluded from the world, her life a well-kept secret.

Laura is living a secret life for ten years, not knowing that her life is on the threshold of a momentous change that begins when she sets her eyes on Soloman. Born with a unique skill of mimicking sounds, Laura is about to be found by an influential talent show, StarrQuest. The journey of her discovery is shocking, provoking, lyrical, but mostly raw and real. Soloman is her anchor on an otherwise turbulent flight. Will he be able to set her free, or will he break her wings?

A moving, beautiful story portraying a 26-year old uniquely and naturally, talented Laura Button, nicknamed Lyrebird, and Soloman, the arbitrator, the peacekeeper, the counselor. Set in the beautiful mountains of Gougane Barra, Cork, Lyrebird is a captivating story that will immerse you in the world of the Lyrebird, a rare and shy Australian bird that mimics sounds.  

‘’How can a place be a home if no one wants you there?’’

This is my first novel by Cecelia Ahern, and I am so excited to pick her next one. I loved it. The book is divided into four parts and 43 chapters. Each part has a beginning-summary of the stages of the Australian Lyrebird’s life written from The Lore of the Lyrebird by Ambrosia Pratt. This one-page introduction for readers of what stage to expect in Laura’s life is unique and beautifully done.

My favorite part was Laura’s character. Secluded for ten years, she seems withdrawn and reclusive in the beginning. But like a blooming flower, her beauty is revealed progressively with every chapter. She comes across as a strong-minded, independent, spontaneous, and quirky woman. 

Soloman’s magnetic attraction to her is described wonderfully. The other characters Bo, Rachel, and Jack Starr, are also genuine and convincing. Bo’s quality of pushing people to bring out their stories is so likable.

The message from the tale is thought-provoking. It’s a reminder for us what’s beautiful to find beauty in the world and our everyday.

The editorial article towards the end of the book is simply superb.  

Fascinating story, beautifully told. The book is impressive down to the last word.

“She sensed him before she smelled him, she smelled him before she saw him. She saw him before he saw her. She knew him before he knew her. He loved her before he kissed her.”

Our View on the Cover:
The cover has a beautiful gold colored feather motif with some leaves in the background. The feather denotes the bird Lyrebird that has a unique singing style of mimicking sounds and is a rare bird. Which aptly denotes the central plot of the story. The leaves in the background give out forest vibes that are also fitting as the book essentially explores a wild child of the forests.

Laura Button, Soloman, Bo

Writing Style:
The writing style of the author is eloquent and remarkable. It is written with an air of mystery and sentiments balanced well to make it a capturing read for readers of all ages. The book’s language is articulate and rich yet easy to follow. The author’s knowledge about the intricacies of a reality TV show and their judges is admirable. When Laura makes her sounds in a flurry of emotions, describing these swift sounds for the readers, so the readers feel that they are listening to it makes the author’s writing so appealing. The setting is presented with video and audio details through lyrical writing.

The characters in this book are well detailed by the author as she depicts them not just with their best parts but also with their flaws. In short strongest qualities laced flawlessly with reality.

Who can read:
Romance Readers expecting steamy, erotic content would be disappointed as this is a clean, elegant but remarkable love story—a book for all the hopeless romantics out there.

Our Final Verdict:
The editing was flawless. Fascinating story, beautifully told. Ahern once again entices with this hypnotic story.

ISBN0007501900 (ISBN13: 9780007501908)
Edition ReviewedEdition 1, 2016
AuthorCecelia Ahern
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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