Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar: A Heart-warming Collection of Poetry and Prose in more than Two Languages

Words of the Heart by Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar is a riveting collection of quotes, poems, and prose. All combined into one book, this book is something that came straight out of the author’s heart. As in the beginning, it is given that the author has been writing since her college days, and this book is the compilation of some of her work. Overall, there are 36 pieces of literature. The USP of the book is that it is written in three languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi.

The book starts with a very ravishing poem on human unity, titled as Unique. It says that we all are unique and if we recognize that aspect in our lives, there will be no clash of ego or identities, and the world will be a peaceful place. In most of the prose, the author presented her content with her picture inside, this also makes the book pictorial one. As the title suggests ‘Words of the Heart,’ it is evident that someone has written words that came into her heart at various circumstances or at life events. The book mainly inspires readers to live a mega life over mediocrity. In some of the prose, the author showered love and respect for her immediate family members like child, father, or husband.

A gamut of emotions has been captured in the collection such as friendship, valor, love, inspiration, motivation, spirituality, and much more. Undoubtedly, she has given mega coverage to her father via some poems.

Before we conclude the review, let’s peep inside the brilliance of the author through one of her prose:

“Life is very short…why to waste in worries

Life is very short…why to waste in jealously

Life is very short…why to waste in fighting

Life is very short…why to waste in judging

Life is very short…why to waste in waiting,

Just embrace every moment and fill it with passion, joy, love

Don’t forget it will not come again…”

The above poem has an underlying meaning for the fervent of life. It inspires us to lead a good life in its simple essence. The poem in fact may work as an anti-dote to depression. Bhagyashri Kuber Patrikar has a good flair for writing that is evident from her book which is unique, random, abstract yet highly readable.

Our View on the Cover:

It is splendid. It simply conveys the words of the blurb. As the writer said that she wrote the quotes and lines from her heart while she was in the college. The red rose depicts the heart and diary lays emphasis on something to do with college or school or study. The overall feel of the cover is great and superb.

Who can Read:

All types of readers can read this book in less than 15 minutes. However, it is best suited to light readers or people looking to post some casual yet inspiring content on social media. It is to be noted that the book is written in 3 languages, so its readers may vary from one region to another.

Our Final Verdict:

The book is way short to disappoint or impress. But it carries weight in just 44 pages. On a plus side, this book offers light and heart-warming content which people can share on their social media handles to better their profiles.

Title Words of the Heart
Edition Reviewed 2021
AuthorBhagyashri Kuber Patrikar
The Asian Review Rating7 out of 10

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