Tiger by Saurav Dutt: Perfect Novelization of the Movie

Tiger by Saurav Dutt is a novel on a Sikh-American boxer Pradeep Singh Nagra. The book emanates from the screenplays of the movie ‘Tiger’, released worldwide in 2018. Explosively packed with action and adventure and drama, it’s based on true life events of a boxer, a sort of semi-boxing biography.

If there is high-rush action in the ring, well outside it is Mr. Nagra fighting for his rights more than sports glory. It is a beautifully penned down from the movie. Tightly packed, no lose ends.

Saurav is a brilliant writer that needs immediate attention from the literary agencies and firms and figures.

Terrific and superb! First read the book and then watch the movie. Saurav Dutt has put a magnificent show…there is no doubt about it. I loved this novella like anything. All my soul wanted to finish it early and jump to the movie. I found it but could not get. I hope Netflix or Amazon Prime puts it back.

The story is staged against the hostile ambience of the USA. Pradeep Singh Nagra being an American-Sikh with palpable confidence and robust strength chooses to box for the Wakefield Boxing Club with the support of his coach Donovan. However, the white boxers and others tease him and his turban and beard. He is labeled as terrorist, people shout at him…calling him Bin Laden. A ghastly tale of racism and white prejudice unfolds and it perturbs the sportsmanship of the young boxer.

The American Boxing Club (ABC) does not allow him to box until he shaves and removes his turban, due to health reasons. He cannot lose his faith but wants to continue as a boxer. The coach and his daughter fight for him in the media; they are dragged from one court to another. At one point of time, it becomes the story of winning rights than the glory in the rings.

If you know sportsmanship, you should read his story. His fight in and out the ring is inspirational that brings him the tag of Punjab Tiger. I know this is a novelization of a movie but I felt that it is more like a story than a play scripts. I do not want to say more, go and grab it and meet the hero that the time may have left behind. Amazing work in words!

Our View on the Cover:

Impressive and terrific. Looks like a movie poster. The clear face of Tiger and others added the value of the book. Even the movie poster is same. I think the author used the same poster for uniformity.

Who can Read:

It is a great story, it means anyone can read. However, sports journalists and boxer enthusiasts can definitely pick up this for inspiration. It is a clean read with no wrong message. If you believe in true fight and glory, this book is for you.

Title Tiger
Edition Reviewed 2021
Author Saurav Dutt
The Asian Review Rating 9 out of 10

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