The Unexpected Trail by Nisha B Thakur – Magnificent Story-telling

It looks like a romance novel but turns out to be an engrossing murder mystery with shades of crime and suspense thriller. Nonetheless, the novel’s main characters Tanvi and Raj are someone who keeps nudging the ‘love factor’ in its backdrop.

They meet and turned into lovers. Both ready for marriage, live in relationship, staying at the same flat. What went wrong? An untimely death of someone in their flat’s kitchen. They and others who live and frequent the place behave like naïve guys. Refused to identify the dead person Deven. The connections are deep, underlying, families are tested for their dark history, friends turn foe, Tanvi has to learn the hard way to put herself abreast and first than others, including Raj, who was planning to invest her money in a big business.

The novel scores high on the amalgamation of aspects like love, hope, redemption, and lies. Self interest is more powerful than expectations and hope from others. It is way potent than all things that bind love and family.

Equally, no matter what the parents’ history was of repute or jeopardized, the family matters. It always matter in all prospects like inheritance, love, marriage. The allegiance counts and in otherwise negatively motivated people can go to any extent to play cards for saving a family or seeking revenge in family. After all life is about fulfilling unbridled desires…isn’t it?  The Unexpected Trail is one such perfectly placed novel against the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai, where people show that they love their friends and relatives but deep inside their desires are perturbing them to an extent that they seek satisfaction of their soul and heart by destroying others.

In the need of a similar opportunity, Ganga Tai longed to destroy Raj, and Adi seeks revenge from Deven for debauchery against his wife Neha. But little did they know that their fates are intermingled and inextricable until the devil destroys them or some. By an untoward stroke of destiny their planning goes for toss and someone’s felony becomes someone else’s crime in the court.

The drama unfolds at every juncture is heartwarming and purely entertaining, sounding like a favourite Bollywood movie. Class abundant, and Nisha sounds like an underrated author in India – her stories are highly potential for providing feed concept for web series on OTT platforms, if not taken by Bollywood.

The prose is fluid and the plot, fast paced.  All in all, the novel can be passed as an engaging murder mystery more than a romance saga of two career-seeking aspirants.

View on the Cover:

The book cover holds secrets to naked eyes. If you are someone that stares at the book cover before plunging into it, you might get a waft of story what may unfold inside. Genuinely book covers become self-expressive when a reader reaches mid story. The cover in red is attention grabbing and indicates that the novel is multi-layered with unpredictability at its best. It doesn’t indicate the lead character but the one who is dead in a chair. Appealing – in one word!

View on the Characters:

The novel has many prominent characters that from time and again fill the void of a strong protagonist. Tanvi is a main character, so does Raj. However, the story is built around them. They are not the people leading the investigation? All characters are important, they are sketched brilliantly without sounding resilient and depictive. The story is potent considering them equal not auxiliary. Overall, the characters don’t disappoint anyone. They are heartbreaking, fragile, liars, and but still sums up their idiosyncrasies in a most appraisable manner.  

Title:The Unexpected Trail
Author:Nisha B Thakur
Edition Reviewed:2022
The Asian Review Rating:8.5 out of 10

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