You Will Die by Shiv Kumar – A Pretty Good Political Thriller with In-Depth Story Layers

“You Will Die” is a thriller novel written by Shiv Kumar. Its beauty is that it comes easy on readers and moves without interruption. The story is so much deep and intriguing that readers actually play a game of surmise at most of the junctures.

The story is about saving the prime minister of India – Sunil Mishra. However, it was the PM’s beleaguered past that haunts him and threatens his life from terror outfits, which is being run by an Indian doctor turned terrorist operating from Pakistan and Nepal.

Genuinely the plotline is so deeply layered and pealed that no reviewer can catch up its story semblance without disturbing the spoiler alerts. The novel struggles with a lot of characters who seemingly look changing sides as their morality and fate push them at times for good and sometimes for bad karmas. Largely, Abhay Singh, once a police cop in Mohanpur, turned security advisor of the PM. He and his ex-agent Raghav team up in an unlikely situation to foil the mastermind behind PM’s security breach. As they run pell-mell, on the way many revelations shatter their beliefs and breaks trust for one another.

You may be intrigued by the Mohanpur connection. It’s so much valued that novel’s most of the characters emanate from this small place. Another fact is that Bihar and its historical significance related to the King Ashoka plays a large role in deciding the factors for the novel. Ashoka’s history is kept coded, thus, the covert operation Budha was materialized on the similar lines.

When politics is involved, no one is spared. Everyone is under the radar of suspect, even the savers, relatives, agents, politicians, but at this moment outsiders like Aditi and SHONET cash on the opportunity.

Mohanpur’s Guruji, Krishna Yadav, and the terrorist Abhrahim’s links are too much to believe in one plot. That place has had a disturbing narrative that set the future course of the protagonists. A deadly virus, epidemic, communal violence, blame-game, murders, and what not! The place Mohanpur acts as a catalytic, its goes in many characters sweeps.

Aditi is one fine extraordinary character that impresses others with her knowledge and finally with a last-minute betrayel, motivated by revenge for a personal loss. Someone acquainted with spy-cum-political thriller web series or movies like Bard of Blood and Code Tiranga can usually connect with the novel.

The novel is a great fast-paced read that fulfils readers’ expectations from all angles. There is nothing left for critics; it is indeed a well-deserving novel, worth of a web series on OTT platforms.

Shiv Kumar didn’t put any magical brush in the narration. He kept it as simple as possible. You may find the train of actions and events true to its essence, and highly credible. For Indian readers this novel is highly recommended!

Our View on the Cover:

Way simple. A few robotic men in the backdrop of blackness…that’s all. The cover didn’t compliment the title, which too is quite straight and head-turning in itself. The phrase is negative but it’s a fictional novel, and that’s ok. The cover could have been more subjective.

Our View on the Characters:

The novel is overcrowded with characters. It was needed. A political crime thriller cannot bring justice on the back of few guys. However, it will be really difficult for the readers on to decide their true protagonist. Most likely they will shuttle between Abhay and Raghav. But to remember Irfan, Nazneen, Guruji, Aditi, and Vikram are some characters that may go with the conscious of readers.

TitleYou Will Die
AuthorShiv Kumar
Edition Reviewed2022
The Asian Review Rating8.5 out of 10

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