Interview with Aakanksha Jain

Aakanksha Jain

By Swapna Peri

Aakanksha Jain is author of a non-fiction book, content creator, and a book blogger. She has been a freelancer since 2017. Her blog ‘Books charming’ is one of the top Indian book blogs. She started blogging as a platform to enhance her skills, but in turn, it has become of late her profession. In this interview, we will try to know more about her and her interest in blogging.


Hi Aakanksha, Congratulations on your book ‘How to Become an Amazon Influencer’. Before discussing the book, can you tell us about yourself?

Thank you, Swapna. I’m a book reviewer/promoter who turns her pastime into full-time work. I’m from Indore but recently moved to Pune. My blog, Books Charming is running since 2017, and it is one of the top Indian book blogs.

How did the genesis of writing a non-fiction book and on this topic happened?

It all happened in a day. For a long time, I was searching about this topic, talking to the people but I haven’t found any clear suggestions about how to become an amazon influencer, and when I did, I thought why not share it with the world so they can benefit from it.

Why did you choose to blog? How did the role of being a blogger affect your personality?

Well, I was exploring options when I came across blogging and thought I should give it a try. It affects me and my career 360 degree. Book reviewing has become a part of my life, and I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life, you know. It gives me a purpose, a sense of being my own boss.

The concept of blogging is usually considered a hobby rather than a profession. If someone asks you,’ why do you blog ‘? What will be your reply?

I’m in this field for more than 3 years, and I know some people still think that it is my hobby, I guess the real question is why can’t they understand or see it as a profession? In my opinion, they are living in their world where the possibility of a new career is minimal, those people are trained to believe that if someone is not a doctor, engineer, or teacher, then they don’t do anything, this is the Indian mindset, and I made my peace with this fact. Those who STILL ask me why do I blog gets a very simple answer because “I want to.”

Bloggers are social media warriors. Do you agree with this?

I totally agree, bloggers/YouTubers or any kind of influencer has the power to make or break a product/brand.

What are the measures you usually take to create quality content in your blogs. Apart from book reviews and promotions, what do you usually blog about?

Apart from reviews, I post author interviews, book bloggers’ interviews, giveaways, book tours, blitz, and guest posts. I also write content that is beneficial to writers and readers, like how to increase book sales or how to write book reviews, etc. Sometimes, I penned down my own thoughts on general topics under The Diary of a Book Reviewer tag.

How do you compose yourself before penning a book review or a general blog. Do you think a person’s state of mind will affect while blogging?

 It definitely does. Most of the time, I wrote reviews just after finishing the book. I must be in the zone. I also require solitude and pin-drop silence to pen down my thoughts. There were times when I can’t write anything, so I stop and focus on some other work; after some time, when I calm myself, I start working on the article.

Are there any instances where you felt emotional while blogging? Can you explain this to us?

Most of the time, it happens when I have to review a book that made me ugly cry or when I am anxious, upset due to personal reason and I have to finish the work because there is a deadline.

How is Aakanksha as a person? What are her likes and dislikes?

I’m an Aquarian, and we’re known for our revolutionary thinking. I’m not like those who sacrifice themselves under social or peer pressure. I have a rebellious nature, and I like things a certain way; there are both advantages and disadvantages to it, but it makes me unique. I represent my thoughts and beliefs strongly, and people do feel intimidated by my personality. I’m the black sheep of my family, a lone wolf. I don’t like social gatherings and avoid meeting or talking to people. There are so many persons in my life who think that they know me very well, but the truth is they don’t. I like spontaneity and enjoy adventures. If a person has nothing interesting to offer, I’ll get bored and move on to new people or things that excite me.

Can you share some info about the blogs and bloggers you like the most.

There are many bloggers I like; some of them are Khyati Gautam, Abhilash Ruhela, Aanchal Rani, Sonali Dabade, Shalini, Maya Bhat, Amit, Anjali, etc. They all are book bloggers.

Coming back to your book, how has been your experience as an author? What hiccups did you face during the publishing and marketing of the book?

I published it via KDP, and I’m using my social media footprint to market the book, so it brings a whole new set of learning. I don’t think I faced any hiccups because I do have the general idea of things, but if I’m not a book blogger and only wanted to publish my book, then there will be many hurdles I have to face.

Apart from blogging and related activities, what are your other hobbies?

Binge-watching and travelling.

If you are given a chance to rule a country for one day, which one will you choose other than India? And why?

It’s a tie between Egypt and the USA. USA because I want to know about aliens and the secrets they are hiding from the public, and Egypt because they have a vast history that points towards aliens, and I want to explore those hidden ruins and things that are out accessible for normal people.

Any tips and suggestions do you suggest for the bloggers.

Don’t engage in plagiarism, work hard, be ready to learn something new every day, and most important, collaborate with like-minded people.

One fellow influencer you would like to interview would be?

Well, I already interviewed many fellow influencers, so currently, I’m looking for new people to collaborate with.

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