Let’s talk about love

By Swapna Peri

Poetry is an art form that can be perceived in infinite ways. A good poem is a collection of words that describe extreme levels of all emotions in the most desirable manner. Apart from the general poetry that talks about love, couples, relationships, inspiration, etc., i.e. which comprise and come under the known and familiar emotions, there are also poems and poetry which are absurd and abstract.

Reviewing this Poetry-Collection book, “Let’s talk about love”, has been a good experience for me for two reasons. This is my third book from the author, and second, the muse of the poems in the book is ‘love ‘. Author Ajay Ramanathan’s poems, either from his previous books or this, have a different approach towards describing emotions. In this book, there are 37 poems, and each poem shows the emotion ‘love’ differently.

Usually, love or betrayal is often showcased from a female side and shown as the victim. Other than some Indian films where men are portrayed as victims, I have not read poems in a prose manner, which happens to be one of the first books. The poems may seem to be gender-biased, but when read and understood with an open mind, one can accept the reality. The author has once again shown his unique way of os pursuing common feelings.

The poems are written in colloquial language and can be understood easily. This book may not please some readers, but this small book can be given a shot for a different kind of poetry.

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