Fantasy Novel Rage of the Immortals by Kanika Presents a Heady Mix of Emotions and Legacy in a Post Apocalyptic World

By Kevin Mallik

Rage of the Immortals by Kanika is a fantasy novel set in other worlds. The timeline of the novel is not contemporary, it is set post apocalypse i.e. when the earth has been fully destroyed and human race either fled to other planets or disappeared due to various reasons.

 The novel stretches over 300 pages, with short 49 chapters. Because of the short chapters, the novel exquisitely moves at a fast pace, otherwise in fantasy novels readers have to stick to characters and their out-of-the-world peculiarities to completely settle down. After initial chapters, the novel is packed with action, adventure, suspense and thriller, melancholia, and many other queer aspects. In short, for hardcore fantasy readers and those who prefer sci-fi Hollywood movies, it’s a treat.

The novel opens with Lt. Sefina aka Kara, a Navy officer from New Nyssa, being found in ‘Underworld’ in the custody of Cifer. Much part of the novel drifts around these two characters, trying to understand each other’s personal space and other idiosyncrasies. They both are different. One being a human, and the other as demon with special magical qualities.

Kara lands up being a ‘slave-type’ bodyguard for Cifer for lifetime. On the other hand, Kara has some personal problems with her family and the fiancée Moss at New Nyssa. If Cifer releases her from the contract, she has to marry Moss. As the novel chugs ahead, the author introduces other characters and different backdrop and secrets.

Moss and Cifer are bitter enemy to each other –and between them Kara is caught to take a harsh decision. Cifer and his team is a sort of caretaker of the Underworld; however, Moss and Atom (the ruler of heaven) wants to conquer it. The storyline is brimming with vivid imagination of different worlds, magical powers, demons, and aspirations that draws blood on the battlefield. Despite a large cast of characters of mixed species, there is a sense of inherent human feelings and aspirations.

Another unique aspect of the novel is discussion and involvement of gods. The book proposes a world beyond one god. Interference of gods nudges the plot to an extent of unputdownable thrill.  Broadly putting the story is about war between the Underworld and New Nyssa worlds. Moss wants to rule over the Underworld where souls rest but he has to surmount formidable team of Cifer with Kara at their side.

Our View on the Cover:

It is an impressive yet compelling cover with an absolute feel of caretakers. Though the figure and face are in shadows, the overall combination of fire and flame hue in the backdrop makes the cover page impactful. From the cover page, I could make out that novel is truly about some fantasy or sci-fi novel.


The novel stretches over 300 pages, thus, it holds a good cast of characters. Kara and Cifer are the most visible characters. In fact the caretaker team of underworld is full of many strange characters. The novel is known for its non-human characters, they are even beyond demons or monsters – some are emotions. Cuh Cifer is a protagonist with the cynosure and according to his experiences there are many antagonists from time to time, as they couldn’t conform to his set principles or protocols of life.

Not all characters have sweeps or back stories but one thing is sure, all characters are way powerful and intriguing in themselves. The author Kanika leveraged the power of superb sense of imagination to chisel the characters.

Writing Style:

Being a debut novel of the author, I think she has done an exceptionally fair job with storyline, subplots, overall climax. There is hardly any typo or grammar issue. The novel flows from one point to another in a bit abrupt manner but it doesn’t hamper the pace or engagement factor.  

Kanika sounds like a perfect author. Truly holds a genuine flair for penning down novels. In this novel, the stunning description of nature of post apocalyptic world keeps her on a different league. Kanika has used simple and lucid language which fosters the overall readability of the novel. 

Our Final Verdict:

Well-written and perfectly composed, Rage of Immortals is a high-level fantasy novel which can be enjoyed by naïve to veteran sort of readers. The book seems mix of sci-fi and adventurous fantasy set in some other world in the galaxy. The author has given hints about the backdrop of the storyline as early as the novel starts. These type of fantasy movies or books are built around wars – if one remembers Riddick Series – can relate exactly.

TitleRage of the Immortals
ISBN 9781648288401
Edition Reviewed2020
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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