Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar: a Romance Thriller – Love can Change Anytime

Katil Nurse by Subhash Kumar is an exciting contemporary romance read with an easy-to-read approach. The novel is light and presents the story in the current time of India. To readers it may seem like the story is real and spiraled from the narrator’s life…but no one is sure, it is most likely a speculation. Once he fell in love with a woman who was a nurse, he got used to her, became mad for her but when she left him suddenly, he gets into the abyss of depression and his life was at a stake of death.

This novel explores the proposition of true love in the Indian societies? Does it exist or people use each other for their personal gains? We can understand a lot about today’s love through characters like Subhash Kumar and Nandu (also called as Betu in short by the narrator). Before we get into the details, let’s clarify that this novel was written in Hindi and now its English version is underway.

Talking about the characters, only Subhash and Nandu are the main characters. They hold a lovely yet contrasting chemistry. Their story typically shows as how caste and creed play an important role in deciding marriages and what happens when a girl is not getting married at a proper time. Yes, it affects the whole cycle of the family and puts pressure.

If you read the novel slowly, you will find other aspects as well. For instance Subhash was into job but had a small and not-so-well constructed home, on the other hand, the girl was desperate to get into marriage. However, things change when the girl gets into a good job due to Subhash’s efforts. After that she starts ignoring this guy who by now has become totally dependable on her, for everything.

The novel has sizzling romance and eroticism. It reads like a real story, in fact it is. The guy is blind in love, others warn him about the girl but he ignores. When the girl changes for her own reasons, the guy cannot take it. He chases Nandu, meets her family but all in vain. He slowly gets into clinical depression, also at that time Covid grips the country. On the other hand the girl wants to avoid this guy at any cost. When he doesn’t stop, she plans to kill him. She succeeds to some limits but Subhash was really lucky to have escaped a death trap set by her. It’s confounding to note that once a lover now turned into a killer. This contrast of love is the crux of the novel.

Our View on the Cover Page:

The page is done with the real images. It shows that the narrator is admitted in the hospital and one nurse is planning a dose to kill him. But despite death scene, there is love feelings written on the cover page. Overall, it is a good page with evoking emotions of death and love and its tenuous nature.


The story is led by two characters: Subhash and Nandu. Later on a few auxiliary characters also join the momentum. In fact, one character named Ajay tried to influence Subhash right at the beginning. The lead characters converse with each other mostly on phone and messages, their personal and face to face interactions are less but impactful. The novel is dedicatedly about two young lovers, thus, we cannot blame other characters involvement. Also based on true events, thus the scope of criticizing characters is minimal.

TitleKatil Nurse
Edition Reviewed2021
AuthorSubhash Kumar
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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