Rise from Your Ashes by Sangeeta Gupta: An Inspiring Poetry Collection with Focus on Twin Soul Concept

Rise from Your Ashes by Sangeeta Gupta is a sublime yet inspirational poetry collection mainly focused on the twin soul concept. A lovely book to get inspired any time, in any situation. From the first story, I got that the book’s evident them is twin soul. However, it is not only limited to this, it also rather has genesis of themes like love, separation, abstract, motivation, and telepathic thoughts.

My favourite poems are mostly from the twin soul segment, but I personally liked the poem “I Will be There for You” – this poem shares the love bonding of two souls that are at distance but crave to come together. Another thing that impressed me was this line: love liberates you, not seek.

There is a lot that gallops through the thoughts of the poet. In fact, at many instances the love and its allied separation is portrayed through thoughts or say thought-riddled imagination. For instance, look at this one:

“My thoughts and my soul

 with your soul space

 my free spirit doesn’t mind

 your telephonic encroachments…”

Also subtly the book represents the gigantic effect of Phoenix. We all know what it means…yet these poems will take you on that tour of self-confidence and self-love that will make you rise up again in life.

Sangeeta Gupta built the scaffold of the book on the twin soul concept which epitomizes fostering of individual powers that are tantamount to rising like Phoenix. The poetry based on soul powers up to lead a good and purposeful life. In fact, half of the book consists of poems about the twin soul concept. No matter what, it’s way inspiring and unique in its essence.

The collection deals with many themes of life, it mainly inspires its readers to have a meaningful and blooming life. The purpose of the book looks like to motivate others. Sangeeta Gupta has a great flair for writing that is evident from her book which is unique, random, abstract yet highly readable. It, no doubt, raises hope for millions of people across the worldwide.

Views on the Cover Page:

The cover page is a work of some artist. It is deep and subtle in its essence, probably people with normal comprehension powers may fail to notice what the poetess wants to convey. Also, its colour scheme is not that vibrant. It’s a tough cover page, slightly dark but reading the book may conclude its meaning.

Overall Verdict on the Book:

Rise from Your Ashes is a rare poetry book that is easy to read and relate. The author did her research on the twin soul concept before penning down this collection. All poems are highly readable, without the need of dictionary. The author brilliantly covered many aspects pertaining to life and love, in nutshell if you are depressed or gone astray from your goals or peace of life, probably this book can heal you.

TitleRise from Your Ashes
Edition Reviewed2021
AuthorSangeeta Gupta
The Asian Review Rating8.5 out of 10

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