Bells of Consciousness by Kumari Mini Yadav: Fostering Spiritual and Mental Wellness through Poetry

“Bells of Consciousness” by Kumari Mini Yadav is a short sublime and inspirational poetry collection with focus on spirituality and mental wellness. When the time is tough and human race is going through a rough and dark phase, this book is a lovely escape from the mundane of the hedonistic world and to get inspired any time, in any situation. Right since the first poem, I got that the book’s evident theme is to enlighten people with spirituality and divinity. However, it’s not only limited to this, it also rather has genesis of themes like love, hope, gratitude, motivation, and life lessons.

My favourite poems are mostly from the life lessons such as Anger, Perfection, and Learning to Wait, but I personally also liked the poem “Death Wish” – this poem shares the love bonding of a soul that craves to come together in the universe with her tribal people. Another thing that impressed me was this line: you can see me only through a conscious mind, my soul sleeps in the sound of the spirit.

There is a lot that gallops through the thoughts of the poet but she never leaves her spiritual side. In fact, at many instances the power of divine intervention and its allied essence is portrayed through piercing words and riding high on hope and aspirations. For instance, look at this one:

“He is leading me

Fixing my wings

Discovering my path

I am now flying with my dream …”

Subtly the book also represents the massive powers of spirituality in shaping our life and faith. We all know what it means…yet these poems will take you on that tour of self-confidence and self-love that will make you rise up again in life.

Mini Yadav built the scaffold of the book in such a way that all the poems are staged against spirituality and divinity. It raises motivation and hope, and above all it says that we should lead a meaningful life than running after irrational logic and fears. At times, you will be so enchanted by the sayings of Shri Paramahansa Yogananda that you begin understanding the latent juice of the poems. It’s a classic collection of poems that directly or indirectly improves our spiritual power and to some extent also cleans up and declutters our soul. Words and verses go beyond basic comprehension, brilliance shines throughout the book. Great work by the author!

The collection deals with many themes of life, it mainly inspires its readers to have a meaningful and blooming life. The purpose of the book looks like to motivate others. The poet has a great flair for writing that is evident from her book which is unique, random, abstract yet highly readable. It, no doubt, raises hope for millions of people across the worldwide for spiritual and mental well being.

Views on the Cover Page:

The cover page is a work of great mind. From the above, it looks simple and one-coloured but it’s deep and subtle in its essence, probably people with normal comprehension powers may fail to notice what the poet wants to convey. Also, its colour scheme is not that vibrant. It’s a tough cover page, light yet intense.

Overall Verdict on the Book:

‘Bells of Consciousness’ is a lovely poetry book that is easy to read and understand. The author showed that she too is a spiritual person and totally believes in the direction of cosmic powers. If you are lost in the maze of worldly things, and lost your self-belief that lightens up your soul, so don’t worry this book will guide you as fireflies guide strangers at night in the forest.

TitleBells of Consciousness
Edition Reviewed2021
AuthorKumari Mini Yadav
The Asian Review Rating8.5 out of 10

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