The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar: A Collection of Horror Book with Rich Diversity

Getting a perfectly placed horror book by Indian authors is rarity. Often whatever we read so far, the books either lacked intensity or didn’t have proper endings. They are insipid, shallow, with poor closings. And not to talk about writing and editing! OMG…

Recently upon browsing Amazon for half an hour and seeing many reviews of this book, finally our panelist decided to pick it up for our online publication, plus it was also recommended by a book blogger from India. We are talking about: The Ten Commandments of Evil by Vignesh Sivasankar. The cover page was way attractive and we judged it instantly. We assumed it a full-fledged novel. Again wronged! It turns out to be a collection of ten stories.

As you could try to get the meaning of the book from its title, it posits that even evil forces have their own protocols or commandments, like we have for gods. Every story has its commandment written on it with its chapter title. Though it is not easy to understand, yet you could throw guess work to find some clues.

So, what’s in the book? The author claims that all the stories have sprung from real-life incidents. He traveled across the country, came across many people who, more or less narrated the account of these stories. Moreover, in the end of each story, the author brought forward that person who witnessed that incident in full or less capacity. At one moment, we believed it, but at the next instant it’s hesitating to buy all, because horror stories are usually fictitious. The author could be lucky to have come across such stories with full credibility.

The book commences with “Twins” and having twins could turn any happy living couple into depression by bringing curse. Often twins in a womb is a cause of double celebration, however, in this story one of the babies turns out to be a curse of Satan. Will the couple remove one baby? What if they remove the right baby? Highly entertaining and unpredictable, like this story, the entire book will keep its discerning readers on tenterhooks. Do you mind reading a lot of gory details in a horror book? It’s not anomaly, it defies the stories and their plotline. If yes, go for it.

Bolstered on its unique content in every story, the book succeeds in convincing that horror stories can also come up with a sense of diversity. The book is strictly for adults as it contains eroticism, bloodshed, supernatural twists and overall frightening themes.

Our View on the Cover:

Undoubtedly, captivating at the first glance! Though it depicts the first story only, yet charming for the book spotters. The book cover releases vibes of something horror coming to your basket. Overall, well designed with no childish impulse on the edges.

Final Verdict on the Book:

It’s a wonderful book to have included in the horror TBR list. All stories are good but slightly lengthy. Some of the stories exceeded the expectations; they were so unique and well-sketched deserving great applause. Vignesh is a promising author from the horror genre, all he needs a few short-length novels. The book is readable. A few stories have a lot of sanguinary detailing that may impact the faint-hearted people. Otherwise this collection can be enjoyed for a change of mood if you are bored with general category fiction.

TitleThe Ten Commandments of Evil
Edition Reviewed2021
AuthorVignesh Sivasankar
The Asian Review Rating8.5 out of 10

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  1. May I just say what a relief to find an individual who actually knows what they are talking about on the internet. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people need to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular since you certainly possess the gift.


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