Melange by Dr Prakriti L Thapa – A Short Inspiring Book of Short Poems Themed across Life

Exploring human emotions through poetry is one of the finest aspects of literature. When human emotions are roped in through sublime yet powerful words, the ambience has its own dazzle and beauty. Human emotions have remained a special entity for centuries for poets to explore in their works. Something similar is “Melange” by Dr Prakriti L Thapa themed across life and its allied human emotions. The book brings forward many shades of human emotions, ranging from love and heartbreak to loneliness to singlehood and so on. The depth and hues of emotions cannot be gauged by naked eyes and expressed by voice, it can be touched by poetry. So, this collection of Dr Prakriti does the exactly same. It explores the emotions tied to love, heartbreaks, beauty, betrayal, and silent epochs of life.

This is a short and prominent book in exploring the bundle of sentiments. The book commences with ‘Demons’. This poem lays emphasis on the fighting spirit that every soul carries inside it. Let’s see what it tries to convey. In every one dwells demons, if you wish to emerge as a victor, you need to overcome your demons. You may be in tough time or rough phase, the meaning of life gets shape when you shoo away your demons. This first poem is way easy to read and understand. In fact quite an inspiration for fighters to naïve souls.

Next in the line is ‘Untied’.This poem doesn’t clear as whom it may be referring but from its content it looks as it is about free will or cosmic soul that is free, which cannot be fettered.

“The Narcissist”says it all. It’s a sin to be a narcissist. Being narcissist stops the poet from a high fly. If you ever come across a person with this trait, better maintain distance and let your life get not affected or ruined by it.

Out of blue ‘My Father’ sounds a bit abstract to its theme but it’s a lovely poem to pay gratitude to one’s father. Father is more than a person at a home, it’s a personality and figure and shadow that sets the ambience for children as how they can grow and learn and unlearn in their life. This poem paints the vivid father-daughter subaudition in a wonderful way.

Though heartbreak is one of the major themes in the book and poems like Repentance and Despicable Liar portrays the hurt feelings. How does one feel if he/she is cheated by the person whom they loved and cared and valued?

‘Dream On’ is indeed a beautiful poem that reflects the aesthetics of being in a dream, and chasing it. No doubt this short book of poems burst with emotions. Slightly abstract yet a good emotive book with themes like loneliness, love, gratitude for parents, inspiration, aspirations, beauty, and much more.

Our View on the Cover:

It’s a simple cover of nature sightseeing. It does not replicate the theme of the book as it suggests variance. In fact the overall structure of the book has been kept simple. The cover depicts an image of some mountain trees in mist. It could have been better if not excellent. At the same time, it’s also that cover which cannot be gauged at the first impression.

Edition Reviewed2022
AuthorDr Prakriti L Thapa
The Asian Review Rating7.5 out of 10

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  1. i really enjoyed reading this beautiful book also i love the insights of the reviewer. well written review.


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