Arihant by Shubhan Balvally – A Futuristic Sci-fi Trilogy way ahead than its Time in India

Mumbai-based author Shubhan Balvally is the master mind behind India’s Hollywood style science-fiction trilogy – Arihant. He published three books consecutively in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

With time, each novel progressed from its main origin to a better vista of action, drama, and adventure. The concept behind Arihant is simple, brilliant yet relatable – an android robot capable of doing humanly tasks to aid the overall security of cities and then the nation.

The first book in the series is Arihant Revenge Par Excellence. In this novel, we see Arihant is the brainchild of the popular Indian scientist Ramanna, but it didn’t come out openly because the scientist was killed by a gang of greedy businessmen, led by Madan Kalra.

As the title suggests, this book is limited to Arihant’s personal aspirations. It was not known how he survived the blast and how he was programmed to kill the murderers of his creator. But he accomplishes his mission, with much consternation to the local police which was led by Anand Rane. The first book sows seeds for Arihant’s birth and humanly feelings for a girl called Anjali. The story comes to an end with the self-destruction of Arihant, though it was compelled by the local police.

The first part was staged against the local backdrop and Arihant had no bigger aspirations or dreams to achieve anything. He came with a motto, and like an improved robot did his job and vanished as per the circumstances.

The second novel in the series is Arihant Resurrected – revived to life by Suraj Singhania. This time the creator of the robot is a different man but linked to the dead scientist. This novel is staged against the cosmopolitan culture of Mumbai. This is an extended version. A sudden appearance of the robot shocks everyone. He was seen fighting the terror outfit which was causing havoc in Mumbai, like the 26/11 attack.

In this part, people and system accept the Arihant robots. Yes, now there are many fighting at different locations. Government and true patriots of the country come together to support the cause of Suraj – to create an army of android soldiers to fortify the nation security. This part focuses less on the robots but more on the people involved with it. It has very less love story with respect to Arihant and Anjali. Also this time, Anjali’s husband Arvind is leading the cops. Certainly, this novel evolves to state level, unlike the previous one which was on a personal front.

The last in the series is Arihant Dehumanized, it’s a sort of reverse story. This is quite an extensive storyline. Also this novel appeals at the international level. It’s like coming face-to-face with enemies. In a clear cut gesture, it’s India vs Pakistan. Indian army is fighting at the Siachen Glacier and the there the battle is fierce, just a matter of time and Pakis were about to enjoy the win but they were interrupted by a robot army i.e. like Arihant.

Arihant android robot army concept was raised at the international level. Robots aren’t allowed in troop fighting. The future of Arihant goes dark. Then, to tackle the issue, Arihant’s creators decide to humanize it. After a complex process, Arihant is humanized. He feels like a human being then. The first thought that occurs in his body was of Anjali. In the first book of the series, he fell in love with Anjali, but a lot has changed since then. But he didn’t know that. He does all possible things to win back Anjali…but that is almost impossible. Anjali’s life has taken drastic change in the previous two books.

More than a robot, he is seen much as a human being. He values friendship and roams across the streets like a young Romeo. He is obsessed with love and life with Anjali but does not focus on future like a human couple. The trilogy is highly futuristic. It could be possible in near future.

Arihant Trilogy requires time and efforts but it will sure turn one into a solid fan. There could be more books possible in the series, as people of India have liked it. Not to forget that novels from this series have won many accolades and awards.

It’s a treat for trilogy lovers. Though these books can be read as an independent novels yet reading in sync is highly recommended as characters cross one another from time and again.

About the Author:

Shubhan Balvally is from the world of Advertising and Films, having started his career in Feature Films, T.V Serials, documentaries and then eventually settling down in the Advertising Industry. He lives and works in the city of Mumbai, India.

He is a debutant writer, written the first part, sequel and the threequel of ARIHANT.  E-Books of the ARIHANT TRILOGY are published on AMAZON KINDLE. They were published in the year, 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively. Currently working on his fifth novel which is a sequel to the murder mystery NOCTAMBULISM–FLOOD OF BLOOD.

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