Man Ki Parchhai by Punit Mishra – A Medley of Heartfelt Musings and Hedonistic Tapestry

Hindi literature has its own shine and brilliance. It exactly depicts what goes in the society in clear and efficient language without twisting and tilting. At the helm of it, in the last two centuries there has been prolific show of Hindi literature for movements, freedom struggle, and social reforms for suppressed people, women, and others. In India, the Hindi belt is in awe of new poets and writers. They actually celebrate and appreciate the rise of Hindi poetry that is constantly in flux with meddling of ever-changing lifestyle, Western influence, and the advent of social media.

Man Ki Parchhai by Punit Mishra is one such newly arrived Hindi book of poetry. The author did his best to show best of both the formats – Sanskritized Hindi and Urdu mixed light poetry that is not hard to find online in channels like YouTube, FB and Instagram.

First forty or so poetry are pure Hindi and its language has been emanating from Sanskrit sourced like Vedas and Upanishads. It is tough to comprehend and if one is not that much into Hindi reading, will inevitably find it tough to track. He started the book with a dedication to his parents, an ode to their 50th wedding anniversary. Though expression of heart and self-obsession is the major work that runs pell-mell in the book yet the poet in between turned light on some social concerns or events…such one is Chamki Bukhar, a sort of fever that killed many children in Bihar, this poem pays a small tribute to the grief-stricken parents.

The collection transcends any warts-and-all reviews, it’s something greater than its genre. The musings of the author are indeed candid and free from ostentations. However, if a person is concerned about righteousness and morale strings, he is bound to be angry with the parameters and protocols. Except a fewer ones, nearly all poems show the discontentment and anguish of the poet that he keenly observed through the ways of the world, where he is a part of that…whatsoever.

Like a trend in modern poetry, the poems of Punit are not for eulogizing others, that is as much as part of any neo-romanticism.

The cover page looks like designed by the poet himself, it’s simple…depicting two soft feathers like the fragile murmuring of an innocent heart. With love, musings of an innocent heart and some societal concerns, the book wins the hearts of its discerning readers in the genre.

Title   Man Ki Parchhai
ISBN  978-1545755174
Edition Reviewed2022
AuthorPunit Mishra
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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