Chandratal by Puneet Pundir – A Totally Unputdownable Crime Thriller and Mystery Novel

The title Chandratal and its mystic cover say a little about the novel but this mystery genre automatically grabs my attention. And I’m so glad I picked this book, turned out worth time and money.

Rajeshwar – the businessman – was attacked at a railway station. He boards a goods train to save his life from the attackers. He loses his way and senses in a forest, where he is picked and healed by some saints. After this the real story starts of that mystic mysterious lake called Chandratal. Was the Rajeshwar chosen by the moon lake to guard its integrity or was it a wheel of fate after committing so many crimes for the sake of his business.

It will be wrong to say that the novel is entirely mystery. It blends sci-fi, mythology, history, and mystery in equal proportion. Right since the first page, the novel gripped me.

My mind literally blew when I read some lines in the book that are very strange. I meant I thought about it a lot what if the experiments done in that lake becomes real one day? And the way the elements of suspense were maintained in the book by the author needs a huge applause.

An amazing terrific mystery thriller in Hindi, the story follows exposing of one sensational Moon Lake in South India, which has powers beyond human comprehension. Surely a work of divine power but one businessman denies it even after being healed by it.

The lake is a secret limited till a group of saints from the Balaji sect. They are aware of its huge potential that it can heal anyone in an instant, make one look young by a decade or so, yet the lake cannot be harnessed. It is hidden from the cruel eyes of science and modern technology stalwarts. But not for too long! And when it is under the eyes of one businessman and another guy in the medical field, the story affronts raw action and conflict of interests, building a superb line of narration till its last page.

Two guys fighting for it, one wants to save it, while the other craves to exploit it on the name of scientific medical research. What will be the fate of the lake…a superb suspense builds at each line. With such simple and easy to understand language the book kept me hooked till the end. This book is a must read if you love mystery and sci-fi. Undeniably, a heady mix of drama, action, and mystery at the core! You will love it for sure!

AuthorPuneet Pundir
ISBN 978-8195251872
Edition Reviewed2022
The Asian Review Rating8.5 out of 10

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