Badalon Ke Paar by Dr. Sangeeta Tomar – a Classic Hindi Novel on a Student’s Struggle

Children’s books in any language are a treat to heart and often refresh our mental blocks. These books are so easy to read and enjoy – we felt being transported to that time of lovely childhood. That could be the reason that Ruskin Bond became so famous in India with his simple, child-oriented stories set in the foothills of Himalayas.

It’s slightly shocking to see Dr. Sangeeta Tomar shifting to children’s literature. Earlier, her debut English romance novel, Drizzle of Love was well received and shot into fame on Amazon for being a bestseller for many months. We expected a similar short romance to continue appeasing her reading base, but she chose what her heart had to say. She rather came out with a Hindi children’s book – Badalon Ke Paar. But an author is author after all?

Like the previous book, this too is a great read with substantial and charming story of one small girl that is taken on ride by the vagaries of life in her new school. The Hindi title means beyond the clouds, the protagonist imagines her own beautiful world beyond the clouds where she is living with a heap of her favourite books. The novel exquisitely tells us that books make us a better human being. Hence, inculcating the habit of reading is for everyone’s benefit.

Not intentionally digressing from the focal point of the novel, it’s rather about Mini’s struggle in her new school. Unlike her old local school, where everything was like a cakewalk, this time she gets goose bumps. How? The new school is well-maintained, has good facilities and amenities, and attended by better off students and teachers meant study over gossiping. She gets there because her mom is a music teacher. Mini didn’t know anything about smart study, proper homework, study tips and preparations. Also to augment her woeful tale, her parents aren’t helpful to her in studies. In the new school, she is lost for everything, poor marks, poor confidence, looking warts and all.

Thankfully, she was helped by Priya and her grandmother. Mini was resilient. She fought back and showed how a person can win the world if she has astounding grit and determination. Yet keeping aside every teaching that we get through Mini, the novel takes us back to that time of school days. It sounds mignon now in memories but each one of us knows that we had struggled for our share of pain and enjoyed our share of life. This novel pinpoints that even good schooling demands balanced chores. First Mini fails but with time and guidance she turns smart like rich folks.

The story is soft, tender, with Mini so cool and quiet – you may feel giving her your wisdom. Overall, the novel is about Mini and her school days but it sheds light on the values of life, duty, friendship and bonding that children of school ought to pace with. Written in simple Hindi, the author is confident that everyone who knows Hindi is able to read it without hiccups. Highly recommended…it should have its English version came out.

Our View on the Cover:

A cursory glance at the cover and you sigh a ‘Wow’ feeling. Imaginative and apt to the book!  A girl on the clouds with books and her own ambience, the cover stand tall to its book’s essence and the title. Pinkish tinge adds a sense of feminism work, however, that colour represents womanish backdrop. In one word, the cover was attractive and can decide the fate of the book.

Final Verdict:

A nice enchanting short novel in Hindi for children up to 12 years. Mini was outstanding throughout the story. She represented that ideal character without overshadowing others. Glad that the book rides high on positivity, only the situations acted as antagonists, not the persons. Dr. Sangeeta Tomar is a gifted creative mind.

Title:Badalon Ke Paar 
Author:Dr. Sangeeta Tomar
Edition Reviewed:2022
The Asian Review Rating:8.5 out of 10

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