Mirror Soul: Flames of Fate by Kritika G. Soin – An Authentic Intense Romance

Twin souls live apart, they have affinity for that, may be that is their destiny to tell a tale. The harder, the more soothing down the memory lanes. Be it any love, it doesn’t stay the same as it begins.

“With your thoughts, my heart beats

With your love, I feel

With your life, came mine

And together, we shall liberate.”

April 2008 till November 2025 – A love story that traverses through past, present, and future. Twin flames also known as mirror souls. What it’s like more than made for each other. It’s rather different and sluggish. One soul in two bodies. They may bring the sky to the earth but will not rest until united with their second half. A semblance will say that they are alike, from soul to tenacity to cravings but have strong repelling powers. While one suffers the agony of love and separation, the second one will do whatever he/she could to stay away…but in burning desire mode. If love is complicated, twin flame love stories are beyond the common vista of mind.

Anyway, Mirror Soul is Kritika’s debut novel, based on twin flame relationship. The novel traverses through a healthy time line, almost over 15 years. The story builds over a time with their characters moving from school, college to professional careers. This novel is set against various cities of India and a few abroad locations. At heart it remains an Indian love story. In short, it features the twin flame pertaining love story of Charu and Rudra. The former is a lead character through thick and thin of the story. Right at the beginning, it’s given that Charu is one half of twin flames, as soon as she sees Rudra in her high school class, she realizes that the second half of her is complete. With Rudra, she feels that twin flame connection and familiarity.

As life moves on for both, they part ways in pursuit of education and career. Charu joins a bank government job while Rudra returns home from London almost empty handed. They connect, meet, make love, and it goes on for long.

Charu spends too much time with Rudra on phone and otherwise. But things didn’t work as she had thought of. Why? Because Rudra was casual about everything, he was that repel force in the twin flame connection. A lot happens with them. Will their love see any light in the dark tunnel? Are twin flame love stories successful? Looks surreal, but it’s fictional – this novel is intensely placed on something before never heard. Yet, it rises beyond its stature and could be read for its slow-burned slightly tragic romance thing.

Our View on the Cover:

The burning sensation is largely evident in the cover. Two different colours showing two shadows of male and female, it suggests the involvement of title Mirror Soul. The focus is laid on soul point, not on objectivity like a mirror with two people in the same frame. The cover compliments the title, but you cannot gauge the story of the novel. A three colour combination – overall a well-designed minimalistic cover.

Views on the Characters:

The story was inclined towards Charu. However, the author did a clever job by turning her crazy for Rudra. Even in disguise, he acted like a protagonist and drove the plot ahead. Charu was powerful, obstinate, and career-focused, but it was Rudra that received mixed feelings from readers. He could be loved and loathed, depending upon the circumstances. The novel has many characters – they surface and fade away like memories. But no one was as influential and omnipresent like Charu. A special applaud goes for Charu’s mother, nevertheless she was the mastermind behind the twin flames fate story.

Title:Mirror Soul
Author:Kritika G. Soin
Edition Reviewed:2022
The Asian Review Rating:8.5 out of 10

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