Young Detective by Sumita Bose: A Fascinating Children’s Book for Junior Detectives

Young Detective by Sumita Bose offers 12 short detective stories suitable for age group 9 to 14 years and teenagers. The book is presented in such a way that it will bring out the detective skills of young malleable minds. The kids may begin seeing themselves as little Sherlock Holmes.

Each story offers a new mystery to solve. At the end of each story, the readers are asked to answer a question rather than being provided with direct clarification to the mystery. This makes for a fun and interactive reading experience as the readers need to solve the mystery to complete the story.

The stories are not tough or complicated with characters – interesting light and easy-going collection. It’s about every day crimes that we often see in movies or hear in neighborhood or in local news. Light and enticing stories that we as kids loved to hear and solve by ourselves. Many of the stories are staged against homely ambience and school. ‘Sports Day’ is quite a common story that you might have experienced in your school.

‘The Laptop’ is about one such student who loves to damage teacher’s property. But his palindromic name was enough to have him caught. The thefts by strangers and relatives may look puny but the way detectives and police solved them is super exhilarating.

Young Detective by Sumita Bose pricks the problem solving skill set of young readers. On the whole, the book is a useful resource with blending of fun and learning. It’ll help young kids to think and solve the puzzles in their daily life. Subsequently help the young brains to develop and think beyond the common boundaries of thinking pattern. A must include book in your library to inculcate reading passion in young kids.

Our View on the Cover:

Visibly two-coloured themed cover page, free from distractions. A young detective scrutinizing something through a lens and light. A simple and effective design reflecting the theme of the book and suggesting that it’s for young readers.

Final Views:

Out of the whodunit scaffold, thin and light the collection was immersive. No chance that readers will not dislike any story – all had similar pace and charm. Reading pleasure will never be dropped. And the author narrated the stories in such a way that you could follow the investigation very closely and deduce the culprit in your way, without relying on the answer key. All stories are weaved in effortlessly and wonderfully. Mystery enthusiasts and thriller fans must read this book.

Title Young Detective

ISBN 9789391813031

Edition Reviewed 2022

Author Sumita Bose

The Asian Review Rating 8 out of 10

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