Trust Your Instincts by Janvee – Reflects the Teenage Blunders and Learnings of the Author

Didn’t we all mess up our teenage phase of life? Yes! We were bound to do that! This stage of life is highly volatile, mistakes…blunders…rebelling…cursing the generational gap that we see in our parents – is all inevitable. As we grow, the world becomes a cursed place for us. Why? If you reflect upon those kiddish arguments, ego trials, and vindictive feelings and above all that time felt to go about a lesser travelled road – it now sounds funny…isn’t it?

Want to feel what were you during your teenage? Was it a good time with friends or family? Or you feel like correcting some things going back in time? If yes, you need Janvee’s stealth-help book, ‘Trust Your Instincts’.

The book is a fun read because of the epic teenage elements. It offers new perspectives on life with keeping instincts and passion in the circumference of life. Basically, the book narrates the teenage life cycle of the author. She reflected upon the by-gones of that time, where she felt sometimes good, at times being cross with others.  But be it anything, the author now stitches the old wounds with extreme optimism. She dwells on the aspects of instincts and passion to lead life happily, satisfactorily.

The book covers a gamut of life altering phases that a normal human endures in their life such as parental love, maturity, attitude building towards life, trusting instincts, going passionate for aspirations, and much more. Some of the following excerpts try to summarize the book’s essential soul for its readers.

I remember my mom telling me that success has a taste. Once you taste it, there’s no going back. It’s now that I understand why mom said so. In all the achievements that I have had so far in my life, one among them is writing this book, there’s a happiness that I have felt.

The importance of parents never gets reduced no matter how old they grow or how old you grow.

Never keep anything above your mental peace because your brain is the place where you live your entire life.

Never defy two things, instincts & passion. Both make you who you are.

The author sums up the learning of the life in six chapters. Going through the book may still remind you that life is never a perfect saga, rather it can never be. It is alright to feel lost for your aspirations, in the world, among the people, as later it paves way for answers. Life is not an immediate solution giver, it gives you the best of experiences and lessons with a passage of time.

Final Verdict:

The cover page is objective and ambiguous, it shows two faces – it could be one inner voice of instincts and the other one of the world that we have live in. The cover page is indicative of the title.

Also, the book can be read for a fresh breath, it adds new meaning to life. Some messages are old and wise, while still there is a lot of newness in the content of the book.

TitleTrust Your Instincts
AuthorJanvee Menghrajani
Edition Reviewed2022
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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