Krishna Series: The Beginning by Kapil Dabur is a Riveting Mythological Phenomenon

The Beginning by Kapil Dabur is another magnificent representation of how Hindu mythology can be leveraged for a great elemental retelling. Particularly inspired by Lord Krishna’s life, this novel is a fine work of new world building with a long cast of mixed divine, immortal, and normal characters.

The Beginning is the first promising book in the likely Krishna series. The entire life span of Shri Krishna on earth will be covered through the series. The first book takes readers to Mahajanpad, where people, gods, demons, mystic saints and kings are underplaying the situation before the birth of Krishna. It’s funny that they are scared of some curse and eager to find out why the karmic law set by Lord Rudra is being broken. But the biggest question is – who is doing that and why? Only someone as powerful as Lord Shiva can break the jinx of the karmic law? Is there someone his level that is disrupting the karmic law cycle or a devilish power is at a sinister play? Hopefully more about karmic law will be explained in the next books.

The novel holds a promising premise of Hindu mythology; it aims to deliver the story for Krishna’s side. However, this part is absolutely dedicated to the making of Kansa. He was just a clone of power and vengeance, sandwiched between the enmity of Vishvamitra and Vashishta. The hidden message of the novel is to show their internal rivalry that dates back to old days. But on a broader sense, the novel draws the differential lines between two clans: Bhairavs and Vaishnavs. Who is who and why the one try to overpower other, might better come out in the next books. This novel just builds a phenomenal groundwork for Krishna, who may take the command in his hand in the future books.

However, one thing settles to confirm that Bhairavs are not going to accept and like Krishna, so does Kansa. The author did a wonderful job by portraying the transformation of Kansa from a normal person to someone cruel and brutal. He was framed by his uncle Jarasandh and other saints. They took advantage of him. Nonetheless, by focusing too much on Kansa, the author forgot to add depth to Kansa’s personality. He was too easy to incite, without rational thinking and asking no question. It needs to be taken care in the rest of the books.    

“The Beginning” in the Krishna Series is a great reading material. As of now Kapil Dabur looks like a phenomenal new great talent in the Indian mythology retellings. He conjures up brilliantly the hidden chaos in Mahajanpad.

He introduces its readers to a never-seen-before world related to Krishna’s birth and upbringing. You encounter demons, gods, demigods, humans – and their world of conspiracies and chilling rivalry of prejudice and pride.

Book one in the Krishna Series carries a great potential in its plot and has already forged high hopes in the readers for the next book. The world-building is just amazing. The way all the facts build up the verity is breathtaking. A few parts were written with such great precision that one can easily visualize them. The story is heavily laden with astounding plot twists. By the time one chugs to end, the very spine of the story with which it started gets totally changed. Overall, an amazing retelling read.

TitleKrishna Series: The Beginning
AuthorKapil Dabur
Edition Reviewed2022
The Asian Review Rating9 out of 10

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