Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore: A Charming Teen Detective Novel

Agent A by Arjun Singh Rathore is the children’s book in the sci-fi, dystopian fantasy thriller in a contemporary world. The story starts off immediately with a bang. You need to pay attention, or you will be lost very quickly, or need to reread it over and again. Arjun is our hero (he is 13), and he follows a fixed school-going routine. He feels like getting bored of life and misfit in the current ambience. However, his intuition about something extraordinary was right when he was picked up by CBI for a secret mission.

The beauty is that even a teenager is selected for CBI work but he manages his school and CBI work with an equal élan. They provide him with a car with a driver, pistol, black suit, and a special watch. He goes to gym every day, they train him. After a month or so he looks like the most muscular boy in his colony.

Why did CBI choose him – is he special? He gets answers when the right time came. His first mission is to investigate some weird alien activities in the space. He along with a team of five members shoots up for space. A huge spaceship bemuses them. As they are inside it, a few weird-looking creatures run after them. Next, the spaceship lands on earth. The team begins its wok once again only to be befuddled by an army of robot colons. How will they face them? Will Agent A with his invisible power and his team shut the main robot to save everyone from the upcoming danger?

It’s a little bit matured book and it can be picked up by teenagers and above all. The story has a charm of spies and agents; it sheds light as how these people work with utmost secrecy.

The book reads like a fairy tale. Full of action and furious activities, the author’s interest in spy/detective genre was evident throughout the book. The character development of Agent A was well-sketched, looked like real-life incident. How a child feels with magical powers when he is assigned work to save people and humanity, is depicted with surreal enthusiasm. Lovely book with action, adventure, and detective thrill at its helm!!

View on the Cover:

The book has a simple cover of a boy in a Karate dress, it indicates action and adventure of an agent. Simple covers are often impactful and work in children’s books. However, robots and CBI angle is missing but it’s understood since it’s the debut book of the author.

View on the Characters:

Arjun – the 13 year old boy is the protagonist – decent and responsible.  Though he was hired by CBI and worked in team with others. Yet the full focus is given on this character Agent A. He works in full capacity and drives the novel single-handedly. He is drawn to his responsibilities and a well-sketched character. His sense of investigation and fighting as invisible is as par with the standards.

TitleAgent A
AuthorArjun Singh Rathore
Edition Reviewed2023
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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