Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore: A Dystopian Fiction with Tremendous Space Drama

Operation SOS by Viraj Singh Rathore has a great story line. A compelling idea and creative plot! I love a good dystopian space travel story and most of it was relatively believable. It ended with a great cliff hanger and left the reader wanting more.

First, I liked the way story starts and steered in the space orbit with an asteroid coming to destroy the earth. The author takes the readers to various places and countries and then set the connections between the main characters that help build their trust to each other as they take off in a spaceship.

There is so much that happens in the story with a dystopian setting that too quite fast in a short amount of time. The description of launching space vehicles and actions was funny…like an action movie scene…123456789…and all set to go. So the mission to destroy the asteroid is called OPERATION SOS. Veer, Vikram, Arjun, and the flight surgeon Raghav. Good thing they have proper introductions…I was awed by their service medals in the Indian Army.

The action in space was short lived, funny to note Arjun confuses the direction points and they lose spaceship after the main work. Thankfully, they come back on earth. A heartfelt book by such a young author, it is hard to believe. It’s a great story, keep the development going. Keep it up, keep it clean, and keep writing!

View on the Cover:

A simple but relevant cover! It depicts the inside story…an asteroid falling towards the earth. The delineation of black sky with stars and that colourful earth is mesmerizing to senses. For a children book it works.

View on the Characters:

It was more of team work and unity. Though at the front we could see four characters with proper introduction, however, Veer leads them invariably, as he was the most senior one. Well, the character Arjun was little childish, mixing up the direction of senses. Everything was fast paced, thus, believing these available characters was the best bet.

TitleOperation SOS
AuthorViraj Singh Rathore
Edition Reviewed2023
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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