The Mystery of the Phoenix by Jigisha Singh – Captivating Blending of Imagination and Illustrations

The Mystery of the Phoenix has an intriguing fantasy world with many distinct races of creatures such as elves and wizards and witches. The book is settled in the magical realms of Mount Aden, each race has its own secrets and cross one another at the time of conflicts arising while figuring out the mystery of the phoenix and the snake, and rumours are that they carry an elixir for invalids. How much is true and bluff…can only be gauged after finishing this colorfully themed book that looks special for children.

It’s a light fantasy read, not a young adult (YA) one with sweeps, back stories with deep, great, and powerful history.

The plot revolves around a quest to discover a magical phoenix in the Wizardry School of Iris, the protagonist. The ambience of the school brims with adventure, mystery, and spectacular twists and turns. Iris is a young student who cheerfully enjoys the time in school, pursuing magic and other tricks of wizards, and making friends from her group and house. Little did she know that one of her powers will be confronted with a deadly foe and her own insecurities and fears in the dormitory of the school? The entire adventure is exhilarating and culminates in dreamlike heroism.

Jigisha Singh did an excellent job of world-building, with many diverse personalities, each with their own flavors and idiosyncrasies. Iris is a relatable fairytale character who is not ashamed to flaunt her imperfections while learning among teachers and kids. With each passing page, Iris may remind you of a little adorable girl with love, fear, courage, and overwhelming emotions.

The start of this story is fascinating and intriguing, but midway a few events and quests repeat themselves, nevertheless the end was predictable. It’s a fast-paced book with beautiful illustrations written in an easy-to-go-read style for readers of all ages, with vivid descriptions.

Overall Verdict with Views on Cover Page and Characters:

Brilliantly written, fast-paced with incredible characters. Iris remains as major lead character throughout the story, though auxiliary characters like teachers and friends don’t stop appearing from time and again. The cover page is simple, with system generated feel. However, it says aloud about the title element – Phoenix. 

Editor’s Note:

She is participating in Young Author Fair conducted by Bribooks platform. Let’s support her by buying a copy of this book from Bribooks. Jigisha Singh is a proud DPS Rohini, Delhi student. She is an avid reader and a multi-talented and multi-dimensional creator – be it painting, sketching, story or poetry writing, and writing is her biggest passion.

TitleThe Mystery of the Phoenix
AuthorJigisha Singh
Edition Reviewed2023
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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