The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily by Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj: Brings Metaphors from Nature for Pure Blissful Life

Yogie Chandra Tatvaraj is a multi-faceted personality. During 1980s, he shot into fame with his band, where he was a lead singer. He has been a terrific person, I think, ever since he was born, yet so tender and lovable at heart. What sets him distinguished from others is his own blending style of pure consciousness and I-don’t-give-f*ck attitude. He took his dogmatism seriously. That was highly elevated in his book Wagging Tongues. In that book the world is seen through the eye lenses of Ranjan. Life teachings never stopped…no matter how funny or weird the world is.

Moving ahead, we have another book to discuss written by Yogie: The Lotus, The Rose, The Lily. Clearly, names of flowers. This book presents metaphors for an enlightened life. One by one, the author takes a dig at the significance of the flowers. He is up to saying that one should not fail to learn from nature around his/her surrounding. Being a staunch believer in Hinduism, Yogie probably took these flowers for preaching, as they also instill values in some or other Hindi Holy scriptures.

Another lovely take from the book is that it sheds light on various types of personalities alluding to Jungian archetypes. Though this is done subtly! Yet evident when he openly talks about traits and deeds that we can learn or relinquish through flowers.

Jungian archetypes are a concept from psychology that refers to a universal, inherited idea, pattern of thought, or image that is present in the collective unconscious of all human beings.

The book pushes a debate between pure consciousness and fake living bloated by ego. The lotus flower indicates pure bliss of spirit, not the filth of mind that is incited by ego and biased thoughts. For example, lotus blooms in full capacity without caring about the filth and muddy stream of water beneath it. If it kept thinking of it all the time, it will not be able to bloom to the fullest. It simply shows the power of a pure undefiled consciousness without ego issues.

The best coverage in the book is about lotus only. The rose is more about its classification and usage and significance as per its circumstances. The lily metaphors are short. It represents the wild instinct of a human. Wilderness at its best, uncaring yet blooming. The lily is about growing in wild, not caring what the world thinks and expects. No such fragrance as rose, it looks cool and relaxed. One can learn the sense of detachment from the lily flower.  

The content and writing of Yogie is as charming as his singing. You may browse his songs on YouTube, he sings with a fervent passion and unflinching conviction. Yogie is what his words are – true, bold, and pure from his heart. The book fosters that one should rise above ego layers to experience the beauty and bliss of the life that is in confirmation with the laws of universe. Yogie’s simple magical teachings are influenced by great figures/thinkers of the word like Osho, Einstein, Rumi…and so on…but mark my words reading Yogie books is a ballast of different era. He is a modern light spiritual guru that could enlighten millions of lives –he is worth following and attention. You may browse many of his books on Amazon and Kindle.

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