The Gentle Hearts by S.A. Khan is a Powerful Novel on Love and Relationships in Family

The Gentle Hearts by S.A. Khan is an Amazon bestseller novel in romance and fiction genre. The novel weaves an inextricable story of love, relationship, supportive role of fathers and concerns of mothers, and altruism in the business and much more.

The plot of the novel takes a sneak peek in the lives of more than two families who happen to be in the same city and same business. All concluding in 8 chapters, it takes us through generations of people who set medical field businesses and nurtured their next generation with love and values. However, the focus of the story is placed on two young characters, both doctors of high value, they are Rama Rao and Madhu Priya.

At the onset, we see the life events of Manjula Rao, born in Mahbubnagar not so far from Hyderabad. She is an aspirant for good education and a modern society. But her mother is conservative and father liberal. He supports her. She helps him in the business. On an account of business meeting and expansion, she acquaints with Nageshwar – struggling honest businessman – he wants to set up manufacturing units for generic medicines but lacks funding. Thus, he connects with the father of Manjula Rao. She is inspecting him and exploring the feasibility of funding. All goes good. They fall in love and all is set for both families. Chapter one is about them. They belong to a generation that was blooming in 80s and 90s, so their ways of expressing love and proposing for marriage was subtle, not hurried and brusque like today’s youth.

The author captures this difference with a finesse element, with soft tenderness. A below-given excerpt sums up the essence of love and relationship in that era where mutual understanding was the key.

“With no offense, allow me to open my heart to you. The day I saw you, I prayed to God to give me a wife like you; you have everything a man could ask for: beauty, brains, and an excellent upbringing. I don’t believe in miracles, but that’s what’s happening. Luckily, instead of getting a wife like you, I was presented with the possibility of marrying you.”

From second chapter onwards, the saga of family allegiance, love, and relationship changes. It has become now more contemporary and open unlike the previous generation of their parents. From this point the novel’s scaffold is build around Rama Rao and Madhu Priya. They are based in India unlike their other siblings. Rama Rao and Mahdu Priya study in the same college of medicines. They initially have bragging about a car parking issue but soon settles down as both belong to medicine business.

From here onwards, the novel gains a sophistication of showing family power and influences and riches. Life of this generation kids is cooler and happening.  

But also comes the angle of altruism in the business, Rama Rao wants to serve the humanity than making money because his family is super rich with a label of being one of the best pharmaceutical companies in India.

“My pleasure wasn’t in making money but in serving the needy and bringing joy to the less fortunate souls.”

The author took care to introduce family backdrops and sweeps and history of all leading characters, whether they are based in India or abroad. Rama is a different character. Funny and entertaining! He is head over toe for the love of Madhu Priya. She is a Nephrologists. She works in a charity hospital of Manju Family under Rama Rao, who doesn’t stop convincing her for marriage. Their chemistry of love is worth watching and entertaining.   

“My dear Madhu, you can throw as many insults, abuses, curses as you want, but nothing would deter me from my decision to make you my wife.”

Next family drama is about Vimi and Nandini. Somehow they are also connected to the characters in India but their coverage is not so highlighted. Yet they are convincing characters and make good pair of lover birds. Vimi is different and longs to make something out of his USA degree but can he resist the family sacrifices that the time is seeking.

If you enjoy family drama related stories that have love tales and test of relationships, well then this short novel is for you. S.A. Khan writes with clarity of thoughts and he is able to well place each of his character along with emotions. From overall lucid narrative to executing of sub themes all is done brilliantly with panache of finesses.

TitleThe Gentle Hearts
AuthorS.A. Khan
Edition Reviewed2022
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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