Agent Sharp: The Most Mind-Blowing and Twisted Sci-fi Thriller of the Year

This book belongs to science fiction genre with a suspense & thriller fantasy tale kind of touch to it. The title itself suggests a bundle of action and adventure likely to take place in a clandestine mission. Contrasting the contemporiness, the plot of the novel eventually carries us to another galaxy, world, and planet. The novel is sci-fi and it has to be placed in future…and it indeed is…planet Roeayt…year 20,018. 

The plot is essentially a formulaic one involving the battle between good and evil of two neighboring countries – Intauro and Dintauro. Apart from the grand scheme of things, the quest also involves a homely relevant motive of the central character Saros. He wants to avenge the Ralakat terror group of killing his family in Tesmor. Ironically, he didn’t join the army to serve his personal cup of retribution. As soon events spiraled in such a way that he is enrolled in ARF (Anti Ralakat Force). He becomes Agent Sharp. A serum is given to him like a potion; he becomes powerful with invincible immunity. But the twist is that he doesn’t believe anyone in the system. He is prepared and trained to save agents of Intauro gone missing while chasing the Ralakat terror outfit.

By and large, the flow of the plot is good, but it does get bogged down a little at times, especially when some of the conversations seem to be stretched too long between Kyani and Saros. The characters that are roped in to take on the enemies of the country – Saros, Kyani, and Dr Zeerat – look realistic and understandable, although there are a lot of swings and secrets in their behavior. But we can pass it on the premise that such a thing happens a lot. The mythological influence on the characters has its own peculiar traits that add a pinch of excitement in the story.

As Arthur C. Clarke has said that any sufficiently advanced technology is nothing less than magic, the novel treats all the magical things from a scientific point of view. There isn’t interplanetary travel or teleportation or whimsical strange creatures and aliens. The novel builds rudimentary aspects of fantastical sci-fi on genetics experimentation. The novel is thoroughly innovative by tackling Humos and their whims. They are hijacking mind of people, creating chaos and riots in other country via remotes, that enigmatic dome holds machine powered by Humo. The duo of Kyani and Saros is relying on Anti Humo Energy Blaster (AHEB) to outwit Humo. With personal reasons to go berserk on Humo, both characters take time to sneer and jest with one another, humour and satire is well-placed amidst the grimmer of their life. Scientific innovations may astonish you but their concepts are dealt accurately in the book.

Final Note: In a nutshell, this book has several elements to offer. Fantasy, border dispute, secret conspiracies across the borders, terrorism, satire, fairy tale mythological connection, adventure, and a little bit of family melancholy. The author mixes it all up in a perfect blend, and delivers it in a sufficiently intriguing manner.

TitleAgent Sharp
AuthorBakchod Writer
Edition Reviewed2023
The Asian Review Rating8 out of 10

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